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Q: What is Melltoo and what is #HelpMeSell?

Melltoo is the company and brand behind the #HelpMeSell movement. At Melltoo, we understand the pain of selling your stuff when you want to declutter or are moving. Our mission is to help people sell their things by bringing trust back into the marketplace. That’s why we introduced #HelpMeSell; through this movement, we want to reach people who need help selling their things and to connect them with buyers looking for a good deal.
Q:What do you do?

We help you sell in 3 ways:

1- We find you a buyer by promoting your item on a variety of platforms, including our mobile marketplace (with over 200,000 downloads), social media (50+ Facebook groups, Instagram, and Twitter), and email marketing (to opt-in subscribers).

2 – We pick up the item and deliver it to the seller.

3 – We collect money from the buyer and hold the money until the deal is done, acting as a middleman to GUARANTEE every transaction. If you are a seller, you either get your money or your item back. If you are a buyer, you either get the item you agreed to buy or your money back.


Q: How much does this cost?

It is 100% free for you to post your item for sale on Melltoo. We will also promote your item for free to find you a buyer.

If you choose to use Melltoo Pay&Ship, where we will pick-up, deliver, and collect money on your behalf, for which we charge a commission of 8-12% depending on the selling amount.

If you choose to manage the sale on your own after we find you a buyer, you are welcome to do so and you don’t have to pay anything for this.


Q: What if I just want you to find me a buyer?

You are welcome to post your item for sale on our marketplace for free and we will also promote your item for no cost. Once we’ve found you a buyer, you are welcome to finish the sale on your own. We will only charge a commission if you use Pay&Ship, our payment and delivery services.

Q: What are the benefits of using Melltoo Pay&Ship?

1 – Pay&Ship Guarantee: Every transaction is guaranteed by Melltoo, so the buyer can purchase with confidence and the seller will get a more competitive price for the item because the buyer trusts him.

2 – Committed buyers and sellers: One of the biggest problems with selling something are non-committed buyers. Often, buyers waste sellers’ time when they don’t show up for appointments or show up only to make lowball offers even after agreeing on a price previously. Using Melltoo Pay&Ship eliminates this headache because we handle the interaction between buyer and seller and make sure both parties are committed before money/goods are exchanged.

3 – Convenience and privacy: Selling your things is time-consuming and takes effort. Not everyone has the time or desire to answer phone calls/emails, meet with sellers and negotiate prices. By using Melltoo Pay&Ship, we act as the middleman. You don’t have to deal with the buyer/seller directly and you don’t have to share your private info, phone number, email, and home address with complete strangers.

Q: Who is this service available for?

At the moment, this service is available for items being bought and sold in the UAE. We are starting with items in the fashion, kids, and m-boutique categories. We will be rolling this service out to electronics and home furnishing shortly.

Q: How do I get started?

Download and post your item on the Melltoo mobile app (available for Android & iOS). We’ll promote your item and take it from there.


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Any question? send us an email to [email protected] or leave us a comment on this page

4 thoughts on “HELP ME SELL”

  1. hi,
    Thanks for sharing this proposed process.
    I believe adding third party to the process will complicate the issue, as this process will require a resources/hotline/complaint to handle. As customer, i prefer to play safe out complication. thnx.

    1. Hi mansour_i, you made an excellent point. This is exactly where Melltoo steps in, as a third party with a team of people to handle buyer/seller requests and needs. It is our business to handle any issues that arise between buyers and sellers so that you as the end user doesn’t have much to do beyond taking a nice picture of your item and telling us about it. Of course, there are people who prefer to do this on their own and to answer buyer phone calls, emails, meet buyers in person, haggle over prices, etc. We have no issue with that and are still happy to help you find a buyer. However, if you prefer to avoid this headache and just sell your item quickly and easily without having to deal with the buyer, then that’s where we step in. What’s more, we GUARANTEE every transaction. Buyers and sellers can contact us in-app via the built-in customer service chat, or by email, or by phone. We will handle any inquiries within 24 hours.

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