Getting Started on Melltoo

Step 1: Post Your Item for Sale

Snap some pictures of your item and create a post. It won’t take more than 60 seconds and it’s FREE!

Step 2: Ship Your Package to Your Buyer

Once your item has been purchased, we will collect your package and deliver it straight to your buyer’s doorstep. No traffic, no stress, no hassle.

Step 3: Get Paid

After the buyer accepts your purchase, your money will be credited to your Melltoo Wallet. You can withdraw your money from your account directly.

What are Melltoo’s Fees?    

Remember that posting on Melltoo is totally FREE!

If you successfully sell an item using Melltoo’s Pay&Ship Secure service, Melltoo will take an 8-12% commission from the seller. In most cases, buyers bear the cost of getting an item shipped to them. So, if Melltoo handles the pickup and delivery of a package, the buyer will pay as little as 20 AED for pan-UAE delivery. For more information on the commission and shipping rates click here.


Article Name
Getting Started on Melltoo
Are you new to Melltoo? Not quite sure what to do? Follow these 3 steps and become an expert Melltoo seller!

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Sharene Lee

Co-founder of Melltoo, researcher/educator and mother of 5. Follow through is my forte.

2 thoughts on “Getting Started on Melltoo”

  1. Dear Soukaina,

    Greetings from Czech Republic!
    I am Celine Caraman and I have recently left the UAE to follow my fiance in Europe. We still have our furniture stored in a Delight warehouse in Mussafah (Abu Dhabi). We would like to sell most of our belongings knowing that most of the furniture bought around 2 years ago comes from Ikea. Is it possible to find a way to sell what we have with Melltoo? What is the best option knowing that we are not in the country?

    Many thanks in advance for your help,
    Best regards,

    Celine Caraman

    1. Thank you, Celine, for reaching out to Melltoo. Melltoo is the best place to sell your preloved stuff. With our courier system, you don’t have to be physically present. However you are required to delegate someone from Delight warehouse to post all your items to the Melltoo app.
      From there, we’ll take care of the rest.

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