Finding the best deals on Melltoo

Welcome to Melltoo!

Do you love a bargain as much as we do? At Melltoo, we make it as hassle free as possible with our unique pay and ship service, which has your purchases delivered right to you – no pick ups, no stress!

Looking for something in particular? here’s how to get started with Melltoo:


1) Search Bar

If you know exactly what you’re looking for, tap on the magnifying glass on the browse screen and type whatever you want!

2) Categories

If you are shopping for a specific type of item, you can also browse by categories. Each of these categories have subcategories, so if you are interested in narrowing your search, take the time to see what’s in each category to find your deal.

Browse via category

3) Hashtags


Another way you can search for things on Melltoo is by using a hashtag like #dubai or #iphone. Type your hashtag and press go. Et voila!

You can also:

Go to the activity tab on the right side of your screen

Press the search bar that says “Search users or #hashtags”

Type in the #hashtag and press go!


Please make sure to check the activity feed regularly to follow on the comment feed on your liked items.

Occasionally, sellers will drop their prices. You can check on prices via the activity feed.

4) Users

Last but not least, if you are interested in what a specific seller is selling, you can perform a user search. Type in the name of the user and press go!

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Finding the Best Deals on Melltoo
Are you looking for a great deal? Here are 4 easy ways you can search on Melltoo to find the best bargains for your budget. Happy shopping!

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Sharene Lee

Co-founder of Melltoo, researcher/educator and mother of 5. Follow through is my forte.