Creative Furniture in Dubai : Handmade Furniture for your kids by Atef Ali

Can you introduce yourself?
Atef Ali handmade Furniture on Melltoo 1
My name is Atef Oowais Ali. I have a passion for designing unique furniture’s for both Adults and Children. I am a Pakistani, born and brought up in UAE. I run a small shop in Deira, “Al Tamir”, and run a small group on Facebook Called “Creative Furniture’s in Dubai” where I display some of my works and Ideas.
How did you start with children furniture making?
It all started after my daughter was born. Living in a small apartment, I had to put a bed for my daughter without taking much space. Looking up at nearby shop and furniture stores I was not able to find any type space saving/ Functional furniture. I thought of trying to make one my self and see how it goes. So I acquired some scrap beds nearby my building and removed all the usable wood. Then I drew up a plan for a small wall mounted baby bed that would fold into the wall when not in use. My wife insisted that when the bed opens up it should be on the same level as our bed. So I got the scrap wood and started making it. Within a few hours during the weekend I made a bed with very very less investment and got it up and running. Then just experimented with the finishing and after a lot of sanding by hand I got a nice simple, yet elegant, smooth finished bed. Thats when I decided that I should share my designs and help people especially those living in small apartment to have functional furnitures and custom made good quality wooden furniture. Its been now 3 years and I have been passionately making these types of furniture as a hobby, using very simple tools and mostly by hand.
Atef Ali Handmade bed for children on Melltoo
What makes your creations different?
I want ordinary people to have the best functional furniture’s and unique hand crafted furniture that is not usually available in stores at a very affordable price using hand picked selected lumber. I take their ideas and I am able to generate design that is unique to every customer. It is simple and elegant at the same time and very functional.
What was your favorite project?
Making of the Moon Baby Crib and the Barn Style Star Bunk Bed. Ever since I made the Moon Crib, I had posted the pictures on Facebook and received a flood of “likes” and orders. That also helped boost my morale as people started appreciating the furniture’s I was making. The Barn style bunk bed was an influence of many beds that I had seen online. I too was surprised with the quality that I was able to achieve with that bed after I completed. Heck my client even gave me a generous tip as part of her appreciation for the work.
Atef Ali - barn style bed on Melltoo
Atef Ali Handmade Furniture for Kids on Melltoo
Where can we find you?
You will find my creations on Melltoo 😉
Atef Ali Handmade Furniture for children on Melltoo
Feel free to like Creative Furnitures in Dubai and follow me on Melltoo…
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