Coffee Table Redecorating Ideas

Did you just buy a new coffee table to jazz up your living room? Need to make more room for your new piece de resistance? Sell some of your preloved stuff on Melltoo and let us deal with the hassle of getting it out of your house. In the meantime, add a fun and playful touch to your new coffee table with these fun redecorating ideas!

1) Chalkboard Table: who said coffee tables were just for coffee or an extra surface for displaying books about exotic cultures? Make your table a chalkboard and use it for anything from playing tic-tac-toe to writing your grocery list.

Materials needed (can be purchased at Ace Hardware)Chalkboard table

  • Chalk paint for surface
  • Paint brush
  • Colored chalk


  • Clean surface of table thoroughly
  • Use the chalk paint to 2-3 coats (note:allow the paint to dry between each coat)
  • Get ready to enjoy your new chalkboard table!


2) Arts and Crafts Table: do your kids need a new surface to make their crafts, well look no further! Decorate your table with colorful ducktape and make it a new place for your kids to explore their imagination.  

Materials neededColorful table

  • Colored duct tape/electrical tape
  • Sccissors
  • Lots of patience


  • Clean surface of table thoroughly
  • Add your colored tape piece by piece
  • Vary the lengths by overlapping the tape
  • Watch your children draw, paint and create their imagination through their crafts!



3) Upscale Tea Table: Are you a tea fanatic? Are you excited by the idea of hosting tea parties with fancy china, scones and friends? Well, it’s time you decorate a table for such an event. With just some wallpaper and glue you can have a tea table fit for a royal tea event.

Materials needed

  • Wallpaper of your choice (note: thick wrapping paper will also work)
  • Craft knife
  • Ruler
  • HammerPretty table
  • Decorative nails


  • Clean surface of table thoroughly
  • Spray the top of the table with adhesive spray
  • Lay wallpaper/thick wrapping paper on the surface (note: smooth out bubbles with credit card or paint roller)
  • Fold and tuck the wallpaper around the sides and glue to the bottom of the table
  • Use a ruler to draw the rectangular pattern where nails will go
  • Hammer decorative nails onto rectangular pattern
  • Enjoy your tea like a queen!


3 Coffee Table Redecorating Ideas
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3 Coffee Table Redecorating Ideas
Does your coffee table look boring? If the answer to that question was yes than it's time for a change! Here are 3 fun ways that you can redecorate your coffee table and make it the talk of the town.

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