Classifrauds to Klassifriends: How Melltoo is Revolutionizing UAE Classifieds

Like many people in the UAE, Layla has a lot of stuff in her house that she doesn’t use. Her first thought was to sell them on web-based classifieds, like Craigslist. Excited by the idea of decluttering her home, Layla creates her account on Craigslist, fills in her contact information and starts posting her children’s toys for sale. Soon after, Layla started getting calls at all times of the night and to make matters worse, the callers were asking to get her stuff for free! Frustrated by two weeks of troubled sleep, Layla deletes her account and looks for another solution.

After speaking with her friends, Layla decides to join a Facebook group for buying and selling second hand items. Once accepted as a member, Layla started posting immediately. However, even when people were able to find Layla’s posts in the group’s never ending feed, it was difficult for them to contact her, because they weren’t her Facebook friends. Consequently, their messages were going to her “Other” inbox. Left with no choice, Layla started including her phone number in her posts, because she was tired of wasting time. However, after sharing her number, strange men started adding Layla on Facebook. One even called her to compliment her profile picture! Appalled, Layla deleted her posts immediately and exited the group.

Close to giving up, Layla recalls a new app called Melltoo that her friend Muneera told her about. Muneera had used the app to sell her stuff when she was moving. Layla remembered Muneera praising the app as being “a friendlier way of buying and selling stuff in the UAE.” Layla decided to give decluttering one last shot, downloaded the app and started uploading things for sale on Melltoo. A month later, without a single sleepless night or strangers invading her private life, Layla sold all of her children’s toys.


So, what makes Melltoo so different from other UAE classifieds platforms?


  • Privacy: One of the key things that distinguishes the Melltoo app from other classifieds platforms is the fact that users don’t have to share personal contact information, such as phone numbers and emails, on their profile.


  • Simple Posting Format: Instead of spending an eternity formatting and reformatting posts, the Melltoo app provides a simple and clean format, which allows users to post an advertisement with a picture, a price and a description, all under 60 seconds.


  • Easy Communication: The Melltoo app has a convenient built-in chat, which allows buyers to interact with sellers on the app, without having to exchange phone numbers or emails. In addition to ensuring users’ privacy, the chat also allows potential buyers to ask sellers for additional information and pictures of the item on sale.


  • Geolocalization: Another unique characteristic of the Melltoo app is geolocalization, which allows users to see how far an item being sold is from their current location.


  • Category Search Capability: Scrolling through Melltoo’s feed can be an entertaining distraction for people who are waiting for the metro or a doctor’s appointment. However, for users who are not interested in “window shopping,” the Melltoo app allows them to search for items based on different categories and keywords. Thus allowing them to find what they are looking for quickly.


  • Likes: Not only is the Melltoo app making the process of buying and selling easier, it also makes it more social and engaging. When a user likes an item, not only will it be saved in the user’s activity tab, they will also receive a notification when other users like the same item. Creating a community of people who share similar interests and values.


  • Share Button: Users can also share their Melltoo posts on various social media platforms including Whatsapp, Facebook,  Twitter etc, which allows their items to reach more buyers in their private circles.


  • Comments and Reviews: In order to create a quality buying and selling experience and bring trust back to the marketplace, the Melltoo app enables users to warn each other about suspicious sellers or products by allowing them to post comments on the item in question. In addition to promoting a community-powered quality control system, the app also enables users to encourage each other, by allowing users to post reviews about a seller’s product and/or interactions.

Make classiflirts and classifrauds a thing of the past. Download the Melltoo app and start buying and selling with your Klassifriends today!




Classifrauds to Klassifriends: How Melltoo is Revolutionizing UAE Classifieds
Article Name
Classifrauds to Klassifriends: How Melltoo is Revolutionizing UAE Classifieds
Learn how Melltoo is making buying and selling more friendly and social. That UAE classifieds scene will never be the same again!

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Sharene Lee

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