Melltoo Impacter Partner Charities

Melltoo is partnering with a number of registered charities in the UAE to help every member of our community become an impacter!

All charities in the UAE are government-licensed. In addition, a license from the UAE authorities is necessary for a private business to collect money on behalf of a charity. As part of the process to obtain and maintain the license, the licensing authority conducts regular checks on the business.

Below is a list of our Melltoo Impacter charities. The list will be updated as necessary.

Emirates Red Crescent

Emirates Red Crescent

Emirates Red Crescent is the local UAE branch of The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC). They fund medical and disaster relief missions in the UAE and around the world.


Salma Aid

Salma Aid is a local UAE, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai. Salma funds food relief efforts for refugees and misplaced populations in distress areas.


Friends of Cancer Patients

Melltoo partners with Friends of Cancer Patients




Friends of Cancer Patients is a non-profit Society, founded in 1999 under the directives and patronage of Her Highness Sheikha Jawaher Bint Mohammed Al Qasimi, Wife of the Ruler of Sharjah-UAE, Founder and Patron of the Friends of Cancer Patients, International Ambassador of the World Cancer Declaration for Union for International Cancer Control (UICC), International Ambassador for Childhood Cancer for UICC and Patron of the First Global NCD Alliance Forum.

FoCP is committed to helping cancer patients and their families get through the long and arduous journey of cancer treatment. Since its inception, FoCP has delivered moral and financial support to cancer patients and their families, irrespective of their nationality, gender, age, religion or ethnicity.

FOCP is a member of different international and regional organisations including, the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) based in Geneva – Switzerland, The American Cancer Society, The NCD Alliance and the Kuwait-based Gulf Federation for Cancer Control. FoCP is also an affiliate of local health bodies such as UAE Ministry of Health, Abu Dhabi Health Authority, Sharjah Health Authority and Dubai health Authority.

FoCP has garnered widespread recognition and awards from numerous leading institutions, locally, regionally, and internationally in helping cancer patients and creating awareness about the disease.

Share Melltoo Ads On Instagram And Win A Valuable Eid Gift!

Eid Mubarak!

Winning on Melltoo doesn’t end yet. Share an item you’d like to win from Melltoo to your instagram account, tag @melltoo and your friends to enter our Eid competition. Terms and conditions apply.

As always, we’re happy to reward our existing users and invite new users to enjoy the Melltoo experience of convenient and conscionable shopping on a peer-to-peer classifieds platform.

Our Eid campaign focuses on brand awareness and utilizing social traffic to acquire new users on the app.

#Share2Win Eid Campaign


  1. Share the preowned item that you wish to win from Melltoo to Instagram
  2. Tag @melltoo and at least 3 of your friends
  3. Mention your Melltoo user ID in comments

Terms and condition

  • Share the preowned item that you wish to win from Melltoo to Instagram
  • Tag @melltoo and at least 3 of your friends
  • Only registered* Melltoo users are eligible 


  • Your instagram account must be opened during the competition
  • Maximum item price is AED 500 (If above, you can pay the rest. You can also use your free credit to pay the difference)
  • You can’t wish your own item or item of your family members
  • Competition ends on July 1, 2017 at 12.00. Winner will be chosen randomly and announced on July 2, 2017
  • If item has been sold by the time competition ends, winner can select another item with same price or less
  • The prize is non-transferable and can not be exchanged for cash

* A registered Melltoo user is a user who has verified address, email address and phone number

Cranky Customers, More Meaningful Engagement And Other Simple Tips For Your Ramadan As A Business

This is our fourth Ramadan since we launched in mid-2014. Ramadan for Melltoo is a month of work, reflection, preparation and execution. We continuously learn how to accommodate the needs of our customers and partners as well as develop better engagement campaigns that result in improved customer experiences and higher retention

If this is your first Ramadan as a business in the region, we would like to share with you our experience of the past three years.

Invest in Your Core Users

Retailing in the UAE

Peer-to-peer retailing in the UAE is typically slower in the summer since a significant portion of the population (mostly families) travel outside the UAE when school is out. Thus, we, at Melltoo, take this opportunity to focus on our core users. We do not typically launch any new acquisition campaigns during the summer. We prefer to reward and invest our money in customer experience (e.g. discounted products, better-vetted listings, a faster delivery time).


Ramadan in the Muslim world has been traditionally a month for hyper consumerism that benefit some industries such as traditional brick-and-mortar retail, food and beverage, beauty services, etc. As retail and other services ramp up, businesses use this opportunity to connect with their customers and offer them deals they can’t refuse. As discretionary income increases during the month, businesses compete to get their share.

Typical engagement campaigns in the Muslim world concentrate on charity and giving back to one’s community since Ramadan is the month of benevolence and philanthropy in the Muslim calendar.

‘Flash sale’

In the last Ramadan, we ran one of our feature discount campaigns called “flash sales.” The basics of the flash sale campaign rest in the name. They’re flash i.e. they only last one to few hours, and they’re primarily sales campaigns. Flash sale campaigns run per category each time. We may run one campaign at a time or a few on the same day. During each campaign, we reward each buyer with 50% credit-back on the value of their purchase. Sellers benefit with a larger flux of engaged buyers who are present in-app to buy.

The primary goal of each campaign was to boost transactions per category. Secondary goals are to push the users to explore the app, scroll down the feed, use the many features of the app such as search, liking and commenting, looking into ratings on seller profiles and ultimately create a more dynamic marketplace. We have run this campaign and other forms of this campaign successfully since launch.

At a time of carefully managed growth, we increased our daily transactions by 50% for the overall month of Ramadan.  

The main distribution channel for the campaign was in-app messaging (automated live campaigns via and social media.

Since last Ramadan, we introduced new changes to the app’s UI. We changed two things. We now run marketing campaign visuals on the app’s  main browse feed. We also outsourced crediting rewards to users. Our staff does not add back credits to users. The users use coupons on the app and add money to their wallets themselves. Thus far, our coupons have been redeemed 1500 times since the first week of Ramadan 2017.

You can read more about Ramadan 2017 reward campaign and earn money on Melltoo right here!!

Understanding Customer Needs

User behavior typically shifts during the month of Ramadan even when the users themselves are not observing the religious duty, they are influenced by trends around them.

In a peer-to-peer classifieds, great customer experience is a combination of efforts from the sellers’ side who provide their pre-loved items for sale, logistics companies who ship the items and the buyers who may accept these items or choose to return them; and of course our operations team’s ability to manage user participation and expectations.

During Ramadan, working hours are shortened. This sometimes results in sellers being unavailable to ship their items on time and logistics companies having fewer hours in the day to complete deliveries. Our team’s responsibility is to maintain a positive user experience despite the inevitable logistical challenges. We take extra care to manage expectations and to be on top of sellers and logistics companies throughout the month. Customers are very reasonable people as long as they provided with timely and accurate information about their order. We let them know if a delay is anticipated, we revise our CS timings to accomodate the fasting schedule, we work with logistics companies to manage the flow of orders to prevent bottlenecks. Authenticity and honesty are key in our approach to customer service. We treat our customers as our partners and regularly update them on the status of their case.

Special Hours And Flexibility

In the UAE and many other Muslim countries, working hours are reduced. While legal hours may not always correspond to your operating hours, in order to strike a balance between both, you have to know your customers and reach out to your partners.

For most e-commerce businesses, you will deal with two important time slots: Working in the day will be crucial to make sure your sold items are shipped. Working the night shift is important because this is when your fasting customers will feel at ease to share their concerns and queries.

Flexibility is important too. We, at Melltoo, operate a location-independent business which means we don’t have core hours people need to clock in and out. We focus on getting things done, right. As a result, our hours are easily flexed to accomodate the needs of the month.

In the words of our customer service manager, Mostafa Gamal, who deals primarily with customers and manages customer-communications, “if you work in a healthy work environment and with a proper mindset, fasting won’t affect your productivity at all. Keeping yourself busy helps passing some time so might as well keep yourself busy with something productive.”

Sharene Lee is our co-founder and COO. She is a person whom I admire a lot for her focus, self-discipline and work ethic. Sharene is a mother of six. She manages several people with several functions. I often wonder how she does it.

“Not having to eat during the day actually makes me more productive because I don’t have to stop midday and figure out what to eat and get everyone else sorted. I like Ramadan coz It gives me uninterrupted time to do more ‘brain-intensive’ things like financial modeling and working on product roadmap and strategy,” she wrote me.

How you can lead the path forward?

Ramadan is a month of blessings for Muslims around the world. It can be time for activity, testing and training depending on your business. The key factor is to know your customers well, to reach out to them and keep them interested in your brand even if they’re not buying. Reach out to partners, find synergies and find out how you can ride the Ramadan wave and stay relevant. Focus on CSR campaigns. If you manage a diverse workforce, it is important to invest in cultural sensitivity trainings to avoid tension in the workplace. If you intend to jack up your growth this month, lay the foundation to measure this growth and speak with your customers as much as you can.

Business seller on Melltoo? Take note!

Business  Sellers Posting Practices and Policy

To help buyers find what they’re looking for, and give them the best experience of using Melltoo – There are limits on how many time a business seller can post daily and within accordance to our policies and terms

Keeping within these guidelines means that you can continue selling successfully without any delay or blocks to your account.


  • Duplicate your posts (posts are considered duplicates if they are for items that have no significant difference between them.)
  • Post an identical item using different titles or different Melltoo accounts
  • Offer an item that is not exact to the item that will be delivered to the buyer.
  • Post images that contain more than one item. Images included in a post have to show only the item for sale.
  • Post images of sealed items
  • Post  images copied from websites or search engines


  • Create one SINGLE post for a single item
  • Upload posts at different times within a day
  • Take your own photos
  • Focus on one item per post or bundle .
  • Post an item that you have IN HAND , READY TO BE SOLD
  • Use the description to tell your customers how many colours of the same item you have ( do not make seperate listings)
  • Remove items from the box to photograph
  • Post a variety of products

Need clarification on the Melltoo policies for selling? Take a look here 

Not following our image policy could lead to all posts being removed and a user ban – and we don’t want that!



When a #Flashsale pertains to #PRELOVED items only – as will be clear on ALL NOTIFICATIONS using the #PRELOVED tag – ONLY ITEMS THAT ARE USED will be viable for the sale ( buyers & sellers) A USED item is one that is obviously used/worn/unboxed etc by the seller and described as such in the description.

Any questions, you know you can ask us anytime in app via our chat option – and we thank you for being part of the Melltoo family – long may it continue!

See you on Melltoo soon!


MELLTOO IMAGE POLICY – Increase Your Views On The App!

We are really happy that you are using Melltoo to sell your stuff, make extra cash and clear that clutter.

We need you to take note of the policies pertaining to images listed on the app –  this will help you sell faster, and sell more;


  • Take photos of the actual item for sale and not copy/paste images from somewhere else.

You may think that they look the same, but your item may have imperfections or flaws that don’t appear in a photo copied from somewhere else. Buyers are purchasing an item based on the photo listed and have the right to return an item if it does not match the photograph listed in-app


  • Irrelevant or inappropriate.
  • Poor resolution.
  • Appear sideways or upside down.
  • Unclear or blurred images.
  • Images copied from websites or search engines.


  • Add additional text or graphics to photographs.
  • Create photo montages – you can upload 3 separate images to your listing.
  • Upload images that do not represent your item accurately.
  • Upload photos of items that you do not have on hand or that are for pre-ordering
  • Duplicate listings – one listing for a single item is enough! Others will be deleted.
  • List NEW items purchased specifically for resale in order to make a PROFIT (classified as business selling)


Please take a picture of the item that you have IN HAND , READY TO BE SOLD – if possible, remove items from the box to photograph


Want help taking pictures? We’ve got you covered here 

Business selling is prohibited on Melltoo! Need clarification on the Melltoo policies for selling? Take a look here 

Not following our image policy could lead to all listings being removed and a user ban – and we don’t want that!

Any questions, you know you can ask us anytime in app via our chat option – and we thank you for being part of the Melltoo family – long may it continue!

The Comprehensive Mellster Checklist

melltoo Pay n ShipSeller Section

Congratulations, you have just accepted an order on the Melltoo Marketplace app!

We will now proceed to process your product(s) for collection and delivery to the buyer.

1) Packaging

Prepare your item for packaging accordingly. If it’s fragile (glass, electronics), please wrap it plastic bubbles and mention to the courier companies your item is fragile.

Unfortunately, Melltoo Marketplace and shipping partners are only limited to transporting parcels. If an order breaks during transportation due to improper packaging, it remains the responsibility of the seller. We’re unable to refund you for damages.

When returning an item to the seller, the buyer is responsible to properly re-package the item if they had opened it.

More information at How do I prepare my item for shipping?

2) Shipping

The collection procedure does only take place when we receive comprehensive delivery information from the buyer (detailed location + functioning phone number).

Please energize your buyers to speak to us and message us their addresses quickly after their purchase.

Your products may be collected separately by different companies according to schedule and daily pick-up capacity.

Current shipping partners are:

  • Skynet
  • TFM
  • Airborne
  • Posta Plus

This list may change any time. We will continue to update our operations policies accordingly.

What if I’m not available?

We understand you may not be available during particular times or dates. Please speak with the courier people and us directly about your earliest date of collection.

We do not tolerate more than a 3 day delay and 2 attempts for pick-up. In the unfortunate case of no response, we will cancel your order(s).

3) Giving an item for collection

Melltoo Marketplace books items for collection according to order placement date and pick-up capacity. This means that even if your orders were purchased on the same date or close dates, they may be booked for collection by two or more different companies. (!)

Airway bill

An airway bill is a piece of paper a courier personnel will give the seller when they pick up their items. Every airway bill has a reference number. The bill contains the username of the buyer on Melltoo Marketplace + the order ID of the particular transaction.

Every order ID is usually booked separately.

Confirmation emails

Every time, we book an order for collection on our backend system, we send an automated email to both buyers and sellers that contains the name of the shipping company + order ID + Item name + airway (delivery) bill reference (number) + if possible a link to track the status of the delivery online.

If you don’t receive a confirmation email to your registered email address on Melltoo Marketplace in less than 3-4 days since order placement, this means the buyer’s info is missing (or yours!). Please speak with the buyer and speak to us.

Melltoo Marketplace customer service does not provide delivery status updates on behalf of the shipping companies. Please speak with the shipping companies (numbers below!) since they control their own shipping schedules.

Be careful !

Airway bills is your guarantee that you have given your items for collection by the shipping company. You have the right to refuse to give your item if the shipping courier comes without an airway bill that has your order ID.

Do not absolutely give out your item to the wrong shipping company. Always ask the courier personnel which company they work for or ask your intermediary (apartment building security, maid, friend, child, spouse, etc.)  to check with them.

We will try to retrieve your misplaced order if you do happen to give it up without an airway bill, but neither Melltoo Marketplace or the shipping company are responsible for your loss.

3) Delivery

Delivery takes 2-3 days on the best days. Typically, the shipping company will check your item at their station nearby the delivery address for one day and deliver your order on the next day.

Deliveries are often delayed because of nonattendance from the buyer. Buyers simply don’t pick-up their phones sometimes or delay a delivery. Please remain in constant contact with your buyer and ask them to not delay delivery of your orders.

Buyer section

Picking up items

Some sellers may delay collection of their items because of their own availability schedules. We cannot control this situation. If you’re in a hurry, please ask your seller personally to speed up the collection of items.

Confirmation emails

Every time, we book an order for collection on our backend system, we send an automated email to both buyers and sellers that contains the name of the shipping company + order ID + Item name + airway (delivery) bill reference (number) + if possible a link to track the status of the delivery online.

If you don’t receive a confirmation email to your registered email address on Melltoo Marketplace in less than 3-4 days since order placement, this means the seller’s info is missing (or yours!). Please speak with the seller and speak to us.

Melltoo Marketplace customer service does not provide delivery status updates on behalf of the shipping companies. Please speak with the shipping companies (numbers below!) since they control their own shipping schedules.


Please be at available at the earliest. Shipping company can only call day of for delivery. If you can’t receive an order on a specific day, try not to delay order by no more than 3 days. If you’d like to request an address change, please speak to us first.

What if I’m not available?

We understand you may not be available during particular times or dates. Please speak with the courier people and us directly about your earliest date of collection.

We do not tolerate more than a 3 day delay and two attempts for pick-up. In the unfortunate case of no response, we will cancel your order.


You may only request to return an order once if you’re using referral credit. You can return up to 3 times any orders that are paid for 100% with credit card or cash on delivery.

To be able to return an item, we have to initiate return procedures first. This mean that we have to contact you first to provide us with a reason, then, if agreed to, we will book your return request with TFM shipping company in the following days.

You receive your return when a seller receive back their order. Return fees are levied if you have used free credit. We will inform of the return fees each time.

If you return an item to the seller without going through above procedure, we will not count that as a return and we will not refund.

For more information, read our return policies at

Customer service numbers

  • SkyNet Customer Service 04 282 5999. Celine is ext 3220
  • Airbone Customer service: 04 257 9900
  • Posta Plus Customer Service:  04 701 8600
  • TFM Customer 04 294 3944 Jessie  ext 6310

Customer service available from 9am to 5pm from Sunday-Thursday.

Other resources:

My item is sold. Now what?

How do I get paid?

How can I pay?

What is the “Referral Program”?


5 tips to sell more items on Melltoo, By Anne Char

5 tips to sell more items on Melltoo, By Anne Char


If you want to get your items sold quickly when selling on Melltoo, you have to know how to take good pictures, how to describe your items, how to price them and how to deal with buyers. Read these amazing tips from Anne Char, a beauty blogger in Dubai. Learn all about the dos and don’ts of selling, from one of our top sellers on Melltoo. So you can do like Anne and start creating awesome Melltoo posts!


1) When “framing” a picture of an item you want to sell…

H&M Brown Flat Shoes
Lighting! Don’t underestimate the power of a good natural daylight. I personally always take my pictures during the day. It gives a better idea of what the items you are selling look like and make the overall image more appealing. Most of the time I take them with my phone. Your images should be nice and clear, blurry pics are a big no no!

2) When “describing” your item you want to sell…

Give a good description! This might sound silly but giving a detailed description of the items you are selling will save your time and your customers’ by avoiding to ask/answer questions. Don’t forget to mention all the details like the size, measurements and condition. Honesty is the key, happy customers = returning customers!

3) When “pricing” your item you want to sell…

 Adjust your price accordingly! A lot of people tend to forget that Melltoo is a second-hand market place.
Adjust your price accordingly! A lot of people tend to forget that Melltoo is a second-hand market place. It allows you to turn your pre-loved items into extra cash, not to become rich!

4) When “dealing” with buyers…

communicate with seller
Communicate! I always answer questions, even though most of them could be self-answered by reading the descriptions. Be patient and polite, a ‘thank you’ or a ‘please’ never hurt anybody!

5) When you have many items for sale…

When you have many items for sale…
Bundle up! Selling items as a bundle is a win-win situation for you and your customers. That way you reduce the delivery charges and get more bang for your buck!


ZOom in on Anne Char's Listing on Melltoo

Click on item name to see more pics and leave a message on comment to Anne Char!



Click on the pic to download Melltoo and start negotiating price directly with Anne in the App Via built in chat


Can I trust the seller?

You’ve found your item, and you are ready to buy – but you are naturally wary of whom you are buying it from? You’ll be glad to know that Melltoo takes accuracy, quality and safety very seriously, and we only want happy buyers. We communicate with our users daily in-app, and we moderate all our items and users too, we don’t allow anything we don’t deem suitable, behaviour, communications or selling.

How to  determine which seller is the most trustworthy..

1) Reviews:

After completing a sale on Melltoo, every buyer is asked to rate the seller. So, before you buy something from someone, check out what other buyers are saying about them. If you’ve looked through the buyer reviews and you’re happy with what you see, press the Buy It Now button ASAP!

Seller reviews

2) Comments:

Look at the comments left by buyers on a seller’s listings to determine how trustworthy a seller is. If buyers are praising a seller for their good service, that is great news and you can make your purchase confidently. However, if buyers are complaining about a seller, that is an immediate red flag and you should be cautious about buying from them.

communicate via comment

3) Chat:

If you don’t find any reviews or comments, but you still want to check a seller out, don’t hesitate to speak with the seller via Melltoo’s private chat. If during your conversation, the seller makes strange requests, asks you inappropriate questions or for unnecessary personal information, stop the conversation immediately and report them to Melltoo by pressing on the report button.

In case the seller does not reply back to you and you still want to buy from them, you may consult with your Melltoo customer support representative to get the seller to respond to your messages. All items listed in the app should be available for purchase or they will be removed.

chat with seller


4) Return and reimbursement

Your purchase is protected by the Melltoo Pay&Ship Secure program. This means you may request to return any item you purchase in-app. The Melltoo customer support team reviews every return request in order to protect both buyer and seller. If the return request is valid, the buyer will receive a refund of the amount they have paid.

All refunds are processed through your Melltoo eWallet, through bank transfer or cash remittance via an exchange house. Melltoo cannot deliver cash to your home, it is against the UAE law. To recieve your refund of cash amounts paid, please request a withdrawal through the app. All regular withdrawal policies apply. 

5) Scam reporting

If confronted with scams and fraudulent activity within the Melltoo community, such as excessive requests for personal information or request of cash transfers outside the Melltoo payment system, you are encouraged to report this type of behavior to the Melltoo customer support team. The team will take appropriate action to suspend the offending user and stop the scam and spam activity.

Become A Top Seller

All efforts bring rewards!

To become a ‘good seller’ with Melltoo means one thing – more sales and more cash in your wallet!

If you’re a new seller on Melltoo and want to build a good reputation in the Melltoo community, follow these simple guidelines.


1) Add good pictures

Buyers buy an item based on the photo of the item. If the photo is blurred or doesn’t show the product adequately, buyers will not buy. Do not use a photo that you’ve copied from Google, even if you think your item looks exactly the same. Buyers want to see the actual item for sale and are more likely to trust sellers who take photos of the actual item. Good photos sell, bad photos don’t.



2) Be responsive to chat

There is no better way to lose a sale than to ignore buyer’s messages.  Whenever you receive a chat from a Melltoo buyer, try to respond to them as soon as possible, so they don’t lose interest! Being responsive to a customer’s questions and needs is the key to a quick sale.


3) Ask customers to rate you

After completing a successful sale, don’t hesitate to reach out to satisfied customers to ask them to rate your profile or make a direct comment on the item they purchased. The more positive reviews you accumulate, the more credibility you will gain in the Melltoo community.
rate seller

4) Share your sale listings on social media

If you want to get more exposure for your Melltoo listings, you can share them on your personal social media accounts from Melltoo. By doing so, not only will you find more potential buyers for your item(s), you will also attract more people to your Melltoo account, so they can see your other listings.  share item post

5) Seller of the week

Every week, Melltoo chooses one seller to become seller of the week. Every seller of the week benefits from a free promotional push from Melltoo to reach a larger number of buyers. Buyers get 50% credit back  on all purchases from the seller of the week.

To become seller of the week, the seller has to list unique items in the app with reasonable and attractive prices.

There are other criteria such as:

  • Good variety in listings to attract buyers with all different tastes. (fashion, electronics, kids, home, etc).
  • High quality images (clear – good lightning, clean background).
  • Detailed descriptions of the item’s condition and defects (if any).
  • Accurate titles (brand – model – item name), with correct spelling.
  • Having a rating of 4 stars or above.

Buying Maternity Clothes in Dubai

If you ask new Dubai mommies-to-be what the hardest pregnancy-related item to buy is, they’ll probably say maternity clothes. Unfortunately, in the UAE, there is a limited choice of maternity clothes that mommies can buy and there are only a few places that you can buy them from. However, even when new mommies are able to find something, it’s usually unfashionable or astronomically expensive.

So, what do you do if you want to look fashionable during your pregnancy, but you don’t want to break the bank? Buy yourself some pre-loved maternity clothes! Here is a list of 6 things that Melltoo thinks that every mommy-to-be should look for when they’re shopping (on the app or Facebook groups ) for maternity clothes in Dubai! If you have maternity clothes you want to sell, post them on Melltoo and we’ll handle the promotion, payment and delivery for you!

The “Insh’Allah List” for Maternity Clothes 


1) Maternity pants: whether you’re working or at home, try to buy maternity pants for every occasion.

Maternity pants

Sell your maternity pants on Melltoo  

2) Skirts: both long and short ones are ideal for the UAE heat and you can continue to wear them after the baby is born!

hijabi skirt

Sell your skirt on Melltoo 

3) Maternity jeans/leggings: not only are good pair of either comfy, they’re also easy to “fashionize.”

Maternity Leggings

Sell your maternity jeans/leggings on Melltoo

4) Cardigan or jacket: the right cardigan/jacket can make even the plainest t-shirt or jeans look fashionable.

Maternity cardigan

Post your cardigan/jacket on Melltoo

5) Maternity tops: when it comes to tops, don’t sacrifice fashion for comfort! Buy yourself fun and chic tops!


Sell your maternity tops on Melltoo

6) Loose Dresses: as your baby bump gets bigger, wearing dresses will become more practical and comfortable.

Hijabi dress

Sell your maternity dresses on Melltoo

Like what you see? Keep up with Melltoo by visiting our website, liking our Facebook page and following us on Twitter and Instagram (@helpmesellUAE), so you can learn just how easy buying and selling in the UAE can be!