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Melltoo PAY Terms & Conditions

Eligibility and Account Registration

To be eligible to use Melltoo Pay services, you must be at least 18 years old and a resident of the United Arab Emirates. You can only use Melltoo Pay services inside the United Arab Emirates and you must register with a phone number that you own.

As a service of Melltoo Marketplace, all account users of Melltoo Pay are subject to the legal and privacy policies of Melltoo Marketplace.

All verified users of Melltoo Marketplace automatically have an account on MelltooPay. You may also create a new account by connecting and verifying your mobile number. However, we reserve the right to require additional information for verification purposes in order to complete the account creation process.This information includes, but is not limited to, your name, email address, text-enabled cellular/wireless telephone number, postal address, date of birth and UAE or International ID identification. During the registration process, you agree that the personal information you provide to Melltoo Pay upon registration and at all other times will be true, accurate, current and complete, and you agree to maintain and update this personal information with us as necessary.

Identity Authentication

You hereby authorize MelltooPay, directly or through third parties, to make any inquiries we consider necessary to validate your identity and/or authenticate your identity and account information. This may include asking you for further information and/or documentation about your account usage or identity, or requiring you to take steps to confirm ownership of your email address, wireless/cellular telephone number or financial instruments (e.g. credit card), and verifying your information against third party databases or through other sources. This process is for internal verification purposes.

Non-accurate information or lack  thereof during a verification process may lead to permanent account suspension. Melltoo Pay will report fraud cases (as detailed) below and identity misrepresentation to authorities in charge.

Adding Money

As a service of Melltoo Marketplace, your balance on Melltoo Pay will be your exact Cash Balance on Melltoo Marketplace. You may add an amount of 2000AED every month via other funding sources such as cash, bank transfer or credit card payment. The transfer is capped at 2000AED per month.

Sending Money

As a user of MelltooPay, you will be allowed to send money from your account to another Melltoo Pay account. All users already registered on Melltoo Marketplace have an existing account on MelltooPay.

Default Funding Sources

Your Melltoo Pay balance consists of the funds you have in your Melltoo Marketplace Cash Balance account as well as new additions from your external credit card account.

Funding Source Limitations

In order to manage risk, Melltoo Pay may limit the funding sources available for your use to fund any particular transaction. For example, we may limit your funding sources for a particular transaction to only Melltoo Marketplace Cash Balance.

Sending Limits

All transfers made via external third-party affiliated credit card accounts through Melltoo Pay services are currently limited to 500AED per transfer.

Additionally, while Melltoo Pay account holders can send unlimited amounts of money via their accounts to other accounts, Melltoo Pay may, at discretion, impose limits on the amount of money you can send or receive through the Melltoo Pay services. If we have authenticated your identity, we may increase your sending and/or receiving limits. These limits may change from time to time at MelltooPay’s sole discretion. You may not send money between two accounts you own.

Refused, Failed Transactions & Amounts sent to the wrong user

When you send money via MelltooPay, the amount will be transferred to the recipient’s account instantly. The amount is then available for withdrawal by the recipient instantly.

You agree not to hold Melltoo Pay or its employees liable for any damages resulting from a recipient’s decision not to accept a payment made through the Melltoo Pay Services.

You agree not to hold Melltoo Pay or its employees liable for any damages resulting from sending money to the wrong recipient whose information is provided by you.

Melltoo Pay and Melltoo Marketplace cannot force an account holder to “refund” or “return” money sent through Melltoo Pay services. The transfer is made at the sender’s authorization and cannot be reversed.

A transaction may be refused or fail if the sender does not have sufficient funds to finish the transfer process.

Receiving money

The recipient of the funds may be able to either refuse or accept a money transfer through Melltoo Pay services. All transfers, when initiated by the sender, are final and cannot be reversed.


The transfer of Cash Balances between one Melltoo Pay account and another Melltoo Pay account is free.

Adding funds to your Melltoo Pay eWallet using a credit card will incur a 4.5% fee charged directly to your credit card at the time of the operation. The fee is to cover the costs of the credit card transaction.

Investigation and Fraud

To protect users from fraud, all Melltoo Pay users are subject to routine investigations into user profiles and account activities. If policy violations or other fraudulent activities are found, investigations may result in account suspension or removal of already attributed Cash Balance amounts.

Account suspension

A decision to suspend an account on Melltoo Marketplace temporarily or permanently will incur the same result on Melltoo Pay and vice versa. The banned user will not be able to use Melltoo Pay nor Melltoo Marketplace services.


Regular withdrawal requests are processed within 7 business days, not including weekends (Fridays and Saturdays). Withdrawals where further information is required or incorrect information is supplied by the user may take up to 14 business days.

Please note the following policies regarding withdrawals:

  1. One payment per beneficiary (not account) per week.
  2. Western Union transfers under 1000 AED incur a transfer 20 AED fee
  3. Western Union transfers over 1000 AED are free of charges
  4. Bank transfer withdrawals are always free in the UAE
  5. Withdrawal to Mashreq Bank ATM’s are free and disbursed in multiples of 100AED
  6. Withdrawal to free credit are worth 125% of Cash Balance and are not reversible

Using Free Credit


Last update: Friday, March 10 2017

There are many ways to earn free credit, through our referral program, through flash sales, and even by exchanging your cash balance for +125% free credit. Now that you have free credit in your account, how can you spend it?

  • You may spend it to purchase any item in-app
  • Free credit has an expiration date (April 10, 2017) after which you may no longer use it again.
  • Up to 50% of the purchase price can be paid using free credit
  • Up to a maximum of 300 AED per purchase can be paid for using free credit
  • Your free credit balance will automatically be applied first in all purchases

How to redeem a coupon code

How to earn referral credit

You can earn up to 1000AED on Melltoo by referring new users to the app. Every time you both earn 20AED once new sign up is complete.

Occasionally, new referees may earn 50AED or 100AED depending on the promotional offer (Eid, national holiday, etc.)

Earning referral credit is very easy:

  1. Share your personal referral code with your friends (see the GIF below)
  2. Your friends register in-app and verify their details
  3. Referral credit is automatically credited to your account!

How does it work

Step 1:

If you have the new versions of the app (2.5 on iOs or 4.4.1 on Android), you can simply now share your referral “code” with new friends and new users.

Copy paste your unique referral code

Step 2:

When your friend downloads the app from the app store on their phone, we will ask him to enter your referral code right before they sign up. Like here:

Add referral code here here

Step 3

After this step, we will ask the new user for a working email address, as well as their first and last name.

Once provided, the new user receives a verification link via email and their account is now verified!

Enter your verification code to verify your account

Step 4

Both referrer and referee receive 20AED in their free credit balance.


  1. We continuously monitor our referral program for duplicate accounts and duplicate phone numbers. You can only refer other new accounts join the app
  2. If we infer that you may by any chance be selling items to yourself in some manner, we may deduct the free credit
  3. Enjoy 50%* off your purchases when you pay with your referral credit
  4. You can only spend 300 AED free credit per purchase


Introducing return disputes

We guarantee that a buyer will receive the item he purchased or his payment will be refunded.

We guarantee that a seller will get payment for the item he sold or he will get his item back in the same condition it was shipped.

Valid reasons for returns include:

  1. Item received is not the item that was purchased
  2. Item is not as described in the listed ad
  3. Item has significant flaws that greatly affect usability and that were NOT mentioned in the ad

Invalid reasons for returns include:

  1. Buyer changed his mind
  2. Buyer doesn’t “like” the “color” or some other subjective characteristic of the item that doesn’t impact usability and function
  3. Item doesn’t fit even though the size indicated is accurate

In the event that the reason for return is invalid, a buyer may still return the item WITH SELLER’S APPROVAL. The buyer will be responsible for the shipping costs (2-ways) of the original transaction and the return transaction. In most cases, the shipping cost in 40 AED, but in cases where the item is large, shipping costs will vary.

In the event of a dispute between buyer and seller, Melltoo will arbitrate between the two parties based on the posted ad, in-app communications (chats and comments) and photographic evidence provided by users.


Sellers can dispute the return of their items from buyers. The steps are as follow:

  1. seller requests to dispute return
  2. customer care team will contact buyer via email asking for reason for dispute
  3. buyer has 3 days to reply after email is received
  4. customer care team will contact seller via email to verify claims, seller has 3 days to reply
  5. if necessary, more info will be requested
  6. a decision will be made and funds released within 3 days after all information is collected from both parties

NOTE: If either buyer or seller fails to respect the deadlines, the dispute case will be closed in favor of the other party.

All return claims have to be made within three days or order delivery and BEFORE buyer formally “accepts” the item on the application.

For more information on policies, please read the extended version on Melltoo’s terms and conditions page.



Cancellation Fees

Cancellation is nearly impossible after an order has been picked-up from the seller and on its way in delivery to the buyer.

  • There are no cancellation fees if cancelled day of order placement.
  • There are cancellation fees of 20 dhs incurred by buyer or seller if one or either requests a cancellation of their order after it has been booked for delivery.


The fee is purely procedural. It covers the the time and logistics of booking an order for delivery and cancelling it on behalf of the Melltoo Marketplace team and the partner shipping company.

Payment options

There are three options available to pay on the Melltoo app:

Free credit

You can buy items on Melltoo app with your referral credit:

  • We’ve implemented a new policy to reduce free credit to cover only 50% of the price instead of 100% at the start of Melltoo.
  • From now on 50% of the price have to be paid either by credit card online on the app or by cash on delivery when you receive the item.

Cash on delivery

You can buy items on the Melltoo app while pay only upon delivery.

Courier Report

This form is to document cases of the following:

  • I received the wrong order 1 (a different order ID than the one I have purchased)
  • I received the wrong order 2 (correct order ID on the airway bill, but item is different)
  • The delivery courier is asking me to pay delivery charges
  • The delivery courier is asking me to pay a different amount than COD amount
  • The delivery courier is delivering a different item than the one I ordered + rejected the delivery