Cash on Delivery

Cash on delivery comes to Melltoo

Melltoo introduces Cash on Delivery and makes paying for your pre-loved items even easier. After launching our unique ‘Pay & Ship’ model to make collection and delivery of pre-loved items ‘hassle free’ across the UAE , we now provide Cash On Delivery for buyers.

How does it work?

With Melltoo – you can pay CASH ON DELIVERY when you BUY items from the app. 

How to pay  COD when buying from Melltoo

Choose your item and click ‘ Buy it now’ as usual.









The next screen breaks down the price and payment details.



When the buyer has credit in Melltoo wallet – this is taken from the balance first – remainder paid in cash.

For every transaction, the buyer can up to 50% of the price in free credit. They can supplement the rest with cash they pay when they receive the shipment.

To pay ‘ Cash on Delivery’ – click on the ‘ Cash in hand’ icon.




You will then be prompted to verify your mobile number and reminded that Cash on delivery constitutes a binding sale.


Melltoo will then send you an SMS VERIFICATION CODE that you will need to input on the next screen.

In case of a technical bug where the app does not recognize your number or ask you to add a different number, please start a new conversation on the chat button with the Melltoo customer support team and indicate you have a problem with verifying your account when trying to purchasing an item. Please do also send us a screenshot of the specific error message to document and fix the error.

Time to click ‘ Buy’






I have Melltoo credit – do i have to pay cash?

Yes. Melltoo free credit is only limited to covering 50% of the amount of the transaction.

I’ve chosen Cash On Delivery, but I’ve changed my mind.

Choosing Cash on delivery is a binding purchase, you must receive the item and pay the delivery personnel.

Currently, we cannot change the method of payment after you execute a purchase in the app. To change the method of payment, you must cancel the transaction first and re-purchase the item again on a new item listing with the knowledge of the seller.

You can always contact Melltoo support in-app with any questions or concerns. Please note that refusing COD shipments will result in costs being deducted from a buyers Melltoo account. The cancellation fee is 20AED.

More information on cancellation can be found here.

Repeated refusal of purchases made with COD will result in a buyer being banned from the COD payment option on future purchases.

More information can be found here.

I am a seller , can I receive my payments in cash?

No – COD is only available for buyers to make paying for items easier. Your Melltoo payments will still remain in your ewallet and can be withdrawn in the usual manner. This protects your payments and complies with UAE cash handling laws.

Can the courier deliver cash to me in case of a return?

Melltoo cannot deliver cash to you because it is illegal in the UAE. You may request the money in-app via a your ewallet.

See ‘How to get paid’

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Melltoo introduces Cash On Delivery
New Cash On Delivery service from Melltoo for buyers - Not sure what our Pay&Ship Secure service is? Read this article to learn about it and all the other great services that Melltoo has to offer!