Buying An Item On Melltoo (Credit Card Purchases)

You’ve found your ideal item on Melltoo – and you are ready to buy! What next?

1) Choose an item from the app

Click ‘ BUY IT NOW’

Don’t forget, our sellers are open to negotiation! You can ‘chat ‘in app’ with the seller and leave them a message – if you agree on a lower price, the seller can adjust from their side – when you click ‘ Buy it now’ – that’s the price you are paying.

updated buyers view 1

2) Add your delivery address

a) Activate the GPS on your phone and use the Find Me option to pinpoint your location


b) Fill in your address manually and make it as specific as possible


Extra Tip: Include any relevant landmarks that will help Melltoo’s shipping partners find you easily (e.g. next to “dragon mart” in the town center)

3) Add your credit card informationbuyer-step-4

Important Note: In the UAE, you can only use credit cards to make an online purchase. So, if you only have a debit card or you don’t have a card at all, get yourself a pre-paid cards and start making purchases on Melltoo.

4) Check your purchase details


5) Review your purchase request status on notifications feed

notification screen

Congratulations! You will be notified when your purchase has been accepted by our shipping partners and delivery is within 5-7 days of purchase.

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Buying an Item on Melltoo
So, you just found the best deal on Melltoo and you want to buy it, now what? Follow this simple guide and learn how you can make that Melltoo bargain yours ASAP!

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