Become A Top Seller

All efforts bring rewards!

To become a ‘good seller’ with Melltoo means one thing – more sales and more cash in your wallet!

If you’re a new seller on Melltoo and want to build a good reputation in the Melltoo community, follow these simple guidelines.


1) Add good pictures

Buyers buy an item based on the photo of the item. If the photo is blurred or doesn’t show the product adequately, buyers will not buy. Do not use a photo that you’ve copied from Google, even if you think your item looks exactly the same. Buyers want to see the actual item for sale and are more likely to trust sellers who take photos of the actual item. Good photos sell, bad photos don’t.



2) Be responsive to chat

There is no better way to lose a sale than to ignore buyer’s messages.  Whenever you receive a chat from a Melltoo buyer, try to respond to them as soon as possible, so they don’t lose interest! Being responsive to a customer’s questions and needs is the key to a quick sale.


3) Ask customers to rate you

After completing a successful sale, don’t hesitate to reach out to satisfied customers to ask them to rate your profile or make a direct comment on the item they purchased. The more positive reviews you accumulate, the more credibility you will gain in the Melltoo community.
rate seller

4) Share your sale listings on social media

If you want to get more exposure for your Melltoo listings, you can share them on your personal social media accounts from Melltoo. By doing so, not only will you find more potential buyers for your item(s), you will also attract more people to your Melltoo account, so they can see your other listings.  share item post

5) Seller of the week

Every week, Melltoo chooses one seller to become seller of the week. Every seller of the week benefits from a free promotional push from Melltoo to reach a larger number of buyers. Buyers get 50% credit back  on all purchases from the seller of the week.

To become seller of the week, the seller has to list unique items in the app with reasonable and attractive prices.

There are other criteria such as:

  • Good variety in listings to attract buyers with all different tastes. (fashion, electronics, kids, home, etc).
  • High quality images (clear – good lightning, clean background).
  • Detailed descriptions of the item’s condition and defects (if any).
  • Accurate titles (brand – model – item name), with correct spelling.
  • Having a rating of 4 stars or above.
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Building Your Reputation as a Seller
If you want to become the best online seller you can be, follow this simple guide and learn how you can become a Melltoo selling super star!

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