Bootstrapping Startups In Dubai

Dubai is the fastest growing and most dynamic city in MENA today- it’s rife with opportunities for startups to build successful businesses, but it’s an expensive place to live and an even more expensive place to execute your enterprise model. Unlike Silicon Valley, startups here don’t have the option of working out of a garage or a dorm room. Like other businesses in Dubai, startups need to rent office space before being able to open a bank account, get a business license and in turn get a work visa to operate legally in the country. As the co-founders of Melltoo, a social network for buyers and sellers in the UAE, we’ve been there and done that and we’ve survived to share our tips on how to start up in Dubai for cheap…


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Sharene Lee

Co-founder of Melltoo, researcher/educator and mother of 5. Follow through is my forte.