What does she hide in her bag?

Patty Gay is a French/Filipino woman born in the Philippines. She is interested in painting on canvas and porcelain, travel, interior design, cooking and entertaining. She is the creator of DROP-IT Bag Organizer. We were thrilled to meet her through the 100% Handcrafted online competition. She reveals to us in this interview what she dropped in her bag. Here’s the story of how the idea of a handmade bag organizer came about in February 2009.

Patty question 1

Passion! This comes as a result if you engage in something that you genuinely love. Since the beginning I’ve always been very fascinated with colors, forms, texture and the fun of combining these elements to create something that is truly meaningful. The first time I participated in arts and crafts exhibitions was in early 2000, where I sold ‘bits and bobs’ and some random creations, ranging from decorated gift baskets, hand-painted porcelains, jewelry, door signs, etc. In 2009 out of sheer frustration of always forgetting something every time I’d switch bags, I designed and stitched a bag organizer with lots of pockets for my mobile phone, pens, driving license, make-up purse, i-pad, wallet, keys, etc. The organizer went inside my regular handbag and when I’d change bags I simply moved the organizer. It worked! Friends and family loved the idea so I decided to introduce the product at ARTE where it became an instant success. ‘DROP-IT’ became a registered brand in 2010. To this date we continue to create and develop quality products that make sense. For as long as our clients say, ‘it’s a Good Idea’ we know we matter.

Patty question 2

Be original, do not copy. Take inspirations from people you admire and the things that attract you but let your true creative spirit come to life. This is the only way to sustainability. Persevere. It took me years of hard work, trials and errors, before finally coming up with products that made sense to both men and women. Above all, value your clients and fellow artisans. True satisfaction is when you create something and people actually appreciate your work, otherwise you miss the purpose.


Patty question 3

As a regular artisan you are pretty much a one-man-show. You are the designer, tailor, merchandiser, accounts, sales person, everything rolled into one! Sometimes it’s hard to switch to ‘production’ when you are on creative mode. Nowadays, markets are saturated with so many ‘weekend jewellery designers’. I am not completely in the jewelry segment so it’s less of a concern for me, however I speak on behalf of talented designers I know who suffer because of the emergence of copy cats. Markets usually take place on weekends. When you have a husband who travels frequently, a daughter who goes to school, you always look forward to spending the weekends relaxing together as a family. If you sign up for 2 markets, that’s 2 weekends gone.

Patty question 4

Yes. This seems to be the way forward.

Patty question 5

Why? Melltoo offers a very smart way of communicating to my clients. Melltoo is helpful for both buyers and sellers. Because it’s mobile phone-base, it’s quick and efficient. My clients can reach me when they need to – anytime, anywhere. It’s simply amazing! It’s like managing my own retail shop. And it’s FREE!

Patty question 6

Keep life balance, it’s the key to happiness.

Patty question 7

As we all know, technology is evolving at an amazing speed and we are living a fast-paced existence. We should find time to take a pause and appreciate the wonderful things around us. It’s easy to get trapped with all the high-tech gadgets and advanced applications but just like most things in life – consume in moderation.


Where can we find Patty ?

Website : http://www.goodideasdubai.com

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/patty.gay109?ref=hl

Melltoo Market : http://www.melltoo.com

Keep calm and type #goodideas on melltoo and you will find Patty’s M-Store

ARTE – Artisans of the Emirates : http://www.arte.ae (ARTE)

The Artisans of the Emirates are based in Dubai and run bi-monthly Art & Craft markets which feature exclusive, locally handmade products.

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