Introducing Melltoo Commission Waivers

Melltoo Commission Waivers

In order to incentivize sellers and encourage them to offer their products for sale via Melltoo, Melltoo grants newly registered sellers a waiver of commission on their first three* listings.

*this is subject to change without advance notice

However, sellers are not allowed to create multiple user accounts for the purposes of avoiding commissions. If a seller is found to have created multiple accounts in order to avoid paying commissions, all of their transactions will be subject to retroactive commission fees. In such cases, an audit of the seller’s accounts will be conducted by the Melltoo Security and Anti-Fraud Enforcement (SAFE) team, and previously waived commission amounts will be deducted from their cash balance without prior notice.

Note: Any abuse of this commission waiver policy may result in the immediate suspension of your user account(s) without prior notice.