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Bhawna Bhutad is an artist who lives in Dubai. She lives her artistic dreams through Artilicious, a shop that sells handcrafted recycled art pieces. Bhawna loves to take things that people don’t need anymore and turn them into something creative and useful. We were thrilled to meet her through our 100% Handcrafted online competition. In this interview, she talks about experimentation, dreams, business and how she feels lucky to be born with a creative mind and particularly, with a creative heart.

The 100% Handcrafted Online Competition is powered by Melltoo, a mobile marketplace that allows artisans and hand crafters to sell on mobile and to share their passion with a larger audience.

Question 1

Let’s say I was just born lucky, to have this creative mind inside me, in fact not just mind, but my heart too! As a kid my mind wandered through the walls of beautiful paintings, beautiful clothes, and colorful objects. So I decided to create art objects which not only are based on the concept of “recycling”, but are also beautiful and unique in their own way! So here I am!

Melltoo Market Artilicious

Question 2

Before trusting anyone else’s opinion, give yourself a chance and trust yourself! “Believe” in yourself to make things work for you. Trust your creativity, and never get too emotional in selling your product, as everyone is born with different perception about the world. Experimentation is the key to succeed!

Question 3

Till the time I am exploring I do not see any challenge, once I stop doing so, I definitely have lots!

Question 4

I need to know more about this option, as it sounds interesting. But how and in what way will it boost my business needs to be studied.

Question 5

Every artist dreams of seeing his/her work reach every nook and corner of the world, and building more and more “admirers” and “followers”, Melltoo will help do that work by promoting the work in the right way.

Question 6

“Handcrafted” is always beautiful because, not only is it unique, but has been made with a lot of love and care. So buy handcrafted products as much as possible!

Question 7

Recycling is the “mantra” of life!

Melltoo Market Place Artilicious

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