IKEA partners with startup Melltoo to launch a one-of-a-kind furniture buyback program

IKEA Saudi Arabia, a subsidiary of AlSulaiman Group, has partnered with Saudi-based startup Melltoo and FLOW logistics to launch a peer-to-peer furniture buyback program in Saudi Arabia. IKEA customers are incentivized to sell their used furniture on the Melltoo marketplace and will receive cash against their sale and an additional IKEA voucher, valued at 20% of the sale price. Customers list their furniture through the Melltoo app after which FLOW logistics will verify and collect the furniture from the seller and deliver it to the buyer. Melltoo manages the transaction end-to-end, enabling payments, providing customer support, and a money-back guarantee for both buyer and seller. 

The market for secondhand and used products has grown rapidly in recent years, driven by consumer desire for a more sustainable model of consumption coupled with supply chain disruptions as a result of the COVID pandemic. The resale market is expected to grow 400% in the next 5 years, compared to 2% for retail. 4 in 5 people surveyed say that they shop secondhand. Brands are anxious to get in on the trend, with French retail giant La Redoute, the top-ranked French site for apparel and home decor, going as far as to launch their own peer-to-peer marketplace called La Reboucle.

IKEA, the foremost furniture retailer globally, has long been involved in sustainability initiatives and has an ambitious plan to become climate positive by 2030. Ammar Nagadi, the CEO of IKEA Saudi Arabia and Bahrain: 

“At IKEA, our goal is to create a better everyday life for the many people; that means, we must not only become sustainable, but our sustainability initiatives must also make our customers’ lives better. Used furniture is a huge pain point for most people when moving or upgrading. Often, people just leave perfectly usable furniture outside on the street because they don’t know what to do with it. This furniture inevitably ends up in a landfill, even if the furniture is still in good usable condition. By partnering with Melltoo and FLOW to enable peer-to-peer sales of used IKEA furniture, we simultaneously solve this pain point while helping our customers get some money back for their used furniture.”

Furniture buyback programs are not uncommon around the world. Usually, this involves the customer bringing their used furniture, fully assembled, to a store for evaluation. The store subsequently issues the customer store credit in exchange for the used furniture. However, for the IKEA-Melltoo peer-to-peer program, customers will be selling their furniture to other customers. Everything is done through a smartphone and the seller never has to meet the buyer nor have to move any furniture himself. The seller will receive cash for his furniture and an additional 20% of the sale price as an IKEA voucher. Meanwhile, the buyer will get a great deal on verified IKEA furniture delivered to and assembled in his home.   

The IKEA peer-to-peer program is currently available in Riyadh. The first phase covers Riyadh with a national roll-out planned in 2022. Learn more at https://www.melltoo.com/ikea

Contact: [email protected] | Sharene Lee, COO @ Melltoo | +966 50 133 4787

High Res Images: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/sai5rck2v9zgvpy/AABD7j-RRh-Y3oNIS_nVDskpa?dl=0 

كيف تبيع أثاث ايكيا المستعمل على تطبيق ميلتو؟

ميلتو تقدم لك برنامج العميل للعميل بالتعاون مع ايكيا لتساعدك في بيع أثاث ايكيا المستعمل بسهولة، فقط اعرض الأثاث الخاص بك على ميلتو وانتظر المشترين وسنقوم باستلامه من منزلك وتوصيله إلى العميل بأنفسنا

خطوات بيع أثاث ايكيا على تطبيق ميلتو

شاهد كيف تبيع أثاث ايكيا المستعمل عبر تطبيق ميلتو

أولًا: افتح تطبيق ميلتو أو قم بتحميله من هنا

ثانيًا: اضغط زر بيع في الأسفل بمنتصف الشاشة

ثالثًا: ستظهر لك شاشة معرض الصور الخاص بك على هاتفك

رابعًا: اختر صور أثاث ايكيا المستعمل التي تريد رفعها على التطبيق واضغط التالي

خامسًا: اكتب في الخانة الفارغة ما الذي توّد بيعه واضغط تم

سادسًا: املأ البيانات الخاصة بالأثاث

سابعًا: حدد السعر الذي تريده

ثامنًا: اضغط انشر الاعلان

تقييم العملاء

شراكة ايكيا وميلتو “العميل للعميل”

تتعاون ايكيا وميلتو لمساعدة قاطني المملكة السعودية لبيع أثاث ايكيا المستعمل لديهم في محاولة لمنح الأثاث المستعمل حياة ثانية. يحصل البائعون على نقود وقسيمة شراء من ايكيا ويتلقى المشترون خصومات هائلة على أثاث ايكيا الذي يتم توصيله إلى منازلهم.

السبب وراء شراكة ميلتو وايكيا

تعمل ميلتو بلا كلل نحو مساعدة عملائها على تحقيق أسلوب حياة أكثر استدامة وصديقًا للبيئة. مهمتنا هي مساعدة عملائنا على إعادة بيع أغراضهم المستعملة التي ما زالت مفيدة أو ذات قيمة؛ وإعطاء هذه الأغراض حياة ثانية حتى لا تنتهي إلى مكب النفايات.

تستخدم ايكيا 1٪ من إنتاج الأخشاب في العالم لإنتاج أثاثها، وتعترف بدورها في مساعدة قطاع صناعة الأثاث على أن يصبح أكثر استدامة. بالتعاون مع ميلتو، تغتنم ايكيا الفرصة لتسهيل مبيعات الأثاث المستعمل من عميل لعميل آخر لتوفير السبل للعملاء لإعادة الاستخدام وإعادة التدوير.

بداية شيّقة

في نوفمبر 2021 ، أطلقنا حملة ايكيا “العميل للعميل” في الرياض. يمكنك مشاهدة اللافتات في متجر ايكيا الرياض مع وصف البرنامج. من تطبيق ميلتو، يمكن للعملاء التقاط صور لأثاث ايكيا المستعمل لديهم، وسيقترح التطبيق سعرًا بناءً على الحالة وسيتم إدراج المنتج.

كيف تستخدم الخدمة؟

1. اعرض أثاثك على ميلتو

قم بتنزيل تطبيق ميلتو لتحميل الصور والمعلومات حول أثاثك.

2. سيتواصل المشترون من داخل التطبيق

حافظ على الخصوصية الكاملة مع ميلتو، حيث يتصل بك المشترون من خلال التطبيق، ولن نشارك أبدًا رقم هاتفك أو بريدك الإلكتروني علنًا.

3. نحن نجمع، ونشحن، ونتولى عملية الدفع

بمجرد إتمام البيع نرسل مندوب ميلتو لأخذ أثاثك من المنزل وتسليمه إلى المشتري، وبعد 1-3 أيام نقوم بتحويل الدفع لك بشكل آمن.

4. أحصل على 20٪ قسيمة شراء إضافية من ايكيا

أحصل على قسيمة نقدية من ايكيا لتنفقها في متاجر ايكيا في المملكة العربية السعودية. القسيمة تعادل 20٪ من السعر الذي تبيع به أثاثك، تحصل عليها بعد 1-3 أيام من التسليم.

ابدأ البيع الآن

نحن متحمسون لمواصلة العمل مع فريق ايكيا لمواصلة مساعدة عملائنا على عيش نمط حياة أكثر استدامة وصديق للبيئة.

IKEA and Melltoo “Peer2peer” Partnership

IKEA and Melltoo are partnering to help Saudi residents sell their preloved IKEA furniture in an effort to give used furniture a second life. Sellers get cash and an IKEA voucher and buyers receive deep discounts on verified IKEA furniture delivered to their homes.

The “Why” behind “Melltoo – IKEA” partnership

Melltoo tirelessly works toward helping our customers achieve a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle. Our mission is to help people resell preloved items that still have a useful life; and to give these items a second life to avoid the landfill. 

IKEA uses 1% of the world’s wood production to produce their furniture and recognizes its role in helping the furniture industry become more sustainable. In collaboration with Melltoo, IKEA is seizing an opportunity to facilitate peer-to-peer sales of used furniture to provide avenues for customers to reuse and recycle. 

An exciting start

In November 2021, we launched our IKEA peer2peer campaign in Riyadh. You can see signage in the Riyadh IKEA store with a description of the program. From the Melltoo app, customers can take photos of their preloved IKEA furniture, the app will suggest a price based on condition and the product will be listed.

How to use the service?

  1. List your furniture on Melltoo
    Download the Melltoo app to upload photos and info about your furniture. 
  2. Buyers will reach out in-app
    Maintain complete privacy as buyers contact you through the app. We will never share your phone number or email publicly.
  3. We collect, deliver, and get you paid
    Once sold, we send couriers to collect your furniture and deliver it to the buyer. 1-3 days afterward, we transfer payment to you securely.
  4. Get 20% extra IKEA-CASH
    Receive an IKEA cash voucher to spend at IKEA stores in Saudi Arabia. The voucher is equivalent to 20% of the price you sell your furniture for. Redeemable 1-3 days after delivery.

Start Selling.

We are excited to continue working with the IKEA team to continue helping our customers live a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle.

Introducing Melltoo Commission Waivers

Melltoo Commission Waivers

In order to incentivize sellers and encourage them to offer their products for sale via Melltoo, Melltoo grants newly registered sellers a waiver of commission on their first three* listings.

*this is subject to change without advance notice

However, sellers are not allowed to create multiple user accounts for the purposes of avoiding commissions. If a seller is found to have created multiple accounts in order to avoid paying commissions, all of their transactions will be subject to retroactive commission fees. In such cases, an audit of the seller’s accounts will be conducted by the Melltoo Security and Anti-Fraud Enforcement (SAFE) team, and previously waived commission amounts will be deducted from their cash balance without prior notice.

Note: Any abuse of this commission waiver policy may result in the immediate suspension of your user account(s) without prior notice.

This Earth Day, declutter your unwanted electronics to save lives

Did you know your used iPhone 6 can feed 100 refugees? This Earth Day, reduce your e-waste and save lives in the process. Dubai-based startup Melltoo, no-melltoo classifieds, has partnered with local startups Fetchr, Washmen and The Box to collect your used electronics for free. The devices will be reset, data wiped and sold for charity. Funds will go to Salma Aid, a Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid initiative that provides food relief for victims of humanitarian crises.

Earth Day is an annual event, celebrated on April 22, on which day events worldwide are held to demonstrate support for environmental protection. It was first celebrated in 1970, and is now coordinated globally by the Earth Day Network and celebrated in more than 193 countries each year.

According to Morrad Irsane, cofounder of Melltoo: “Most of us in the UAE have mobile phones, laptops and TVs that we no longer use. They collect dust in a drawer or closet somewhere. Eventually, we throw them away. When we do this, not only do we contribute to the growing e-waste problem, we’re throwing away money that can be used to help people. We at Melltoo collect these electronics, we clean and reset them, then sell them to support refugees. We reduce the clutter in your lives and reduce the amount of e-waste produced, while helping people.”

As consumer electronics become indispensable tools in everyday lives, e-waste is a rapidly escalating problem. More than 45 million tons of e-waste are produced globally every year, the equivalent of 100 Burj Khalifa towers. The global average is 6.1 kg per person of e-waste a year. Compare that to the UAE average of 13.6kg of e-waste per resident in the Emirates.

UAE has “one of the world’s lowest life expectancy of electronics and high amounts of consumption, making the country produce substantial amounts of electronic waste annually”, according to an e-waste report by the United Nations University, UN information and communication technology agency, The International Telecommunication Union and the non-profit International Solid Waste Association,

While there are several initiatives to recycle e-waste in the UAE, Melltoo takes it one step further. The startup first attempts to sell devices that are in reasonable condition then recycles what cannot be sold through their partners. Sale proceeds go to support Salma Aid, a Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid initiative that provides food relief for victims of humanitarian crises.

On the occasion of Earth Day, the startup has partnered with Washmen, Fetchr and The Box to collect used electronics from UAE residents. For the week of Earth Day, from 22 – 28 April, they will collect consumer electronics like mobile phones and devices, laptops and computers, accessories, TVs, game consoles and the like. Customers of Washmen, an on-demand laundry service, can add a box of unwanted electronics along with their laundry pickup. Washmen collects everything and delivers them to The Box, a self-storage facility in Al Quoz that has donated storage space to store the electronics while they are being prepped for sale. In addition, Fetchr, a last-mile logistics company, will also do home pickups of used electronics for free. Melltoo, along with a team of student volunteers will clean and reset all devices and list them for sale.

“We are grateful to our partners, The Box, Washmen, Fetchr and our student volunteers for their generosity in supporting this Earth Day #Declutter4aCause initiative, in line with the Year of Zayed. The problems of e-waste and the refugee crisis are not problems that one entity or person can solve alone. It is through working together and getting everyone involved that we can really make a difference.” said Morrad Irsane of Melltoo.

So, don’t wait. This Earth Day, declutter your unwanted electronics, free up some space in your overflowing closets, save the planet and help people.

For more information and to get involved. http://uae.melltoo.com/donate


Melltoo Impacter partners with Friends of Cancer Patients.

We’d like to announce our new partnership with The Friends of Cancer Patients (FoCP) to raise vital funds to support local cancer patients.

Impacter sellers and buyers can now help create an impact and difference in the lives of people affected by cancer. With FoCP already active in-app, Mellsters can now list an item for sale and choose for sales proceeds to go towards empowering patients enrolled in their treatment programmes. When a seller sells for a charitable cause, Melltoo will automatically donate the cash from the sale to FOCP’s account.

The Friends of Cancer Patients (FoCP) is a UAE based society providing its services across the United Arab Emirates to all residents of the country. FoCP was established in late 1999 in accordance with the directives and under the patronage of Her Highness Sheikha Jawaher Bint Mohammed Al Qasimi, Wife of the Ruler of Sharjah, Founder and Royal Patron of the Friends of Cancer Patients Society (FoCP), International Ambassador of the World Cancer Declaration for Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) and International Ambassador for Childhood Cancer for UICC. Being the leading cancer specific charity operating in the UAE, FoCP, an NGO and registered charity, has since its inception continuously delivered moral, financial, and clinical support to over 990 patients and their families, regardless of their nationality, gender, age, religion, or ethnicity. The primary focus is on promoting awareness around early detectable cancers within the UAE community. FoCP has also initiated numerous leading cancer-focused awareness programmes targeting the community, which have become recognised locally, regionally, and internationally. FoCP is committed to helping cancer patients and their families get through the long and arduous journey of cancer treatment. Their motto is “We’re with you”. FoCP provides a broad spectrum of support including, covering treatment expenses for chemotherapy, radiation and other needed medications, in addition to expenses for investigative and surgical procedures.FoCP is constantly raising the bar and setting new targets to expand on its achievements to date and empower the community to change the cultural and social stigma associated with cancer.

Looking forward to the partnership, here’s what our founders at Melltoo had to say:

“Cancer is something that has negatively affected everyone. I doubt there is anyone who doesn’t have at least a distant relative or somebody they care for who has been hurt by cancer at some point or other. It’s therefore important that we are compassionate and support those who are suffering from this illness. It can happen to anyone.” – Sharene Lee

“Melltoo impacter came into existence to make an impact. By partnering with organisations like FoCP doing groundbreaking work in research and treatment for Cancer we truly are able to help create impact in the lives of people who need it the most.” – Morrad Irsane

FoCP has garnered widespread recognition and awards from numerous leading institutions, locally, regionally, and internationally for their leading role in helping cancer patients and creating awareness about the disease. We’re delighted to have them as our new charity partner and to help them with their fundraising activities. The money we raise through this Impacter partnership will make a huge difference to the work that they do and it will have a lasting impact on thousands of local people affected by cancer.

VAT in UAE: Do you pay VAT on second hand items?

Generally no, but there are exceptions…

The introduction of VAT in the UAE has people worried. It increases the cost of living for everyone in already tough economic times. Fortunately, buying and selling second hand items on Melltoo is still generally a VAT free activity. Since Melltoo doesn’t own the inventory being sold in the marketplace, Melltoo is only responsible for VAT on our selling fees and courier charges. However, for the time being, we have decided to absorb the additional costs in an effort to support our community of buyers and sellers. We’re in this together.

As a seller on Melltoo, you are responsible for VAT on the products you are selling. So do you have to charge VAT on your items? If you are an individual selling a used iPhone or second hand sofa, there is no VAT applicable as long as it’s a one-time activity. However, if you are a business or shop in the business of selling second hand items, then you must charge VAT on the profit you made if you sell more than 375,000 AED a year. Here are other scenarios to consider.  

Scenario 1: Individual selling new or used personal belongings on Melltoo

There is no VAT since this is considered a one-time activity.

Reference: https://www.khaleejtimes.com/business/vat-in-uae/will-vat-apply-on-buying-or-selling-used-personal-goods

Scenario 2: Business or individual regularly selling similar used items (e.g. laptops, smartphones, designer bags) on Melltoo

If you sell less than 375,000 AED per year: No VAT charged

Reference: http://gulfnews.com/business/economy/vat/do-not-pay-vat-if-your-bill-doesn-t-have-these-1.2150978

If you sell more than 375,000 AED per year: VAT is charged at 5% on the profit you make.

For example, you purchase a used LV bag from someone at 1000 AED and you want to sell it for 1250 AED. Your profit is 1,250 – 1,000 AED = 250 AED. You are liable to collect 5% VAT on your profit (250 AED x 5% = 12.50 AED).  In other words, your item should be priced at 1,262.50 AED (1,250 + 12.50 AED) and you will have to pay 12.50 AED in taxes at the end of the year.

Reference: http://blog.dubizzle.com/uae/motors/6552/effect-vat-car-market-uae/

Scenario 3: Individual selling new items for profit on Melltoo

If you sell less than 375,000 AED per year: No VAT charged

Reference: https://www.khaleejtimes.com/business/vat-in-uae/is-your-uae-grocery-illegally-charging-vat-find-out-here-

If you sell more than 375,000 AED per year: VAT is charged at 5% of sale price.

Reference: http://whatson.ae/dubai/2017/10/everything-residents-need-know-vat-uae/

Scenario 4: Business selling new items for profit on Melltoo

If you sell less than 375,000 AED per year: No VAT charged

If you sell more than 375,000 AED per year: VAT is charged at 5% of sale price

#Declutter4aCause UAE – Donate used electronics to help refugees

What do you do with the smartphones, laptops and electronics that you stop using? Where can you donate, recycle, or dispose of unwanted electronics in the UAE?

As our lives become more and more dependent on electronics, consumer upgrade cycles are shortening. In 2013-2014, the typical consumer upgraded and replaced his smartphone every 24 to 26 months. In 2017, the global average was every 21 months. In the GCC, UAE and Saudi Arabia, consumers upgraded their devices every 19 months.

So what happens to the devices that get replaced? Most of us stick them in a drawer somewhere, forget about them and they eventually end up as ewaste. Electronic waste is a big problem. 2017 produced an estimated 48.2 million metric tons of ewaste, that’s about 100 times the weight of Burj Khalifa.

Ewaste is particularly bad for the environment. Not only is ewaste often hazardous, leaking harmful chemicals (such as lead) into the environment, it is also largely composed of irreplacable metals and nonbiodegradable glass and plastics.

So what can you do with your used and unwanted electronics in the UAE? Here are several options to properly deal with ewaste in the UAE.


Option 1: Sell

Selling your used electronics is typically a great way to recycle a product by giving it a second. Even broken electronics can be sold for parts.

Melltoo – http://melltoo.me/downloadapp

Melltoo is a great place to sell used electronics. List your items online in complete privacy, buyers contact you via in-app chat and comments. Once the buyer is ready, he/she pays in-app and a courier collects the item from you to be delivered to the buyer. There are NO meetups with strangers and payment is transferred to your bank account or in cash via cardless ATM. Download the app here.

If you really want to make a positive impact, you can also #Resell4aCause through the Melltoo app, donating all sale proceeds to a charitable cause. Supported causes including food relief for refugees (Salma Aid) and sponsoring orphans (Emirates Red Crescent). In exchange, you will receive “impacter credit” which can be exchanged for vouchers and credit at other retailers. The process is basically the same as a normal sale, more info can be found here.

Second hand mobile shops

These can be found in many neighborhoods around Dubai and all over the UAE. They are usually located in the souqs or neighborhood strip malls. Typically, you bring in your device and the shop purchases it from you in cash. However, since the shops need to make a sizable margin off your device, you won’t get a very good price for it.


There are many retail outlets that let you trade in your used devices for store credit to purchase a new one. Axiom and eMax both do this. You bring your device into the store and they will give you a quote on how much your device is worth. The amount is then given to you as store credit to purchase a new item. Of course, the issue with this is that you will have to purchase a new device from the same store.


Option 2: Donate

Your used electronics can improve the lives of people in need.

Give to those around you

The UAE is a diverse community with people from all walks of life and economic situations. If you know people who would benefit from your used device, the ideal situation is to give your device to them. In some cases, they will use it; in other cases, they will sell it and pocket the cash. However, you should only give people functional devices.  

#Declutter4aCause – http://uae.melltoo.com/donate/

As an added service, Melltoo will also collect your used electronics and sell them on your behalf. Sale proceeds will go to the charitable cause that you wish to support. Melltoo will also erase all data and reset devices to factory settings prior to the sale. Instead of handling the sale on your own, Melltoo will do it for you. The only caveat is that you will not receive the “impacter credit” that you would normally receive if you handled the sale personally (see above).

You may donate both functional and broken electronics. Supported causes including food relief for refugees (Salma Aid) and sponsoring orphans (Emirates Red Crescent). For more info or to request a collection.

Give to charitable organizations

Unfortunately, there are very few charitable organizations that accept electronics as donations. This is not surprising since handling and processing electronics is expensive and difficult. Charity programs need cash to operate. In-kind donations such as clothing and shoes are typically sold by the kilogram to resellers in order to obtain the cash required to purchase new items for those in need. Electronics are even more difficult to collect and process and charities simply don’t have the manpower and resources to do this.

If you want to donate electronics to charities, call the organization ahead of time to ensure that they are willing to accept them. Then ask them for the precise drop off location where you can bring your electronics.  


Option 3: Recycle or dispose

There are several options to recycle or dispose of your used electronics with reduced harm to the environment. Some are free public services and others are paid services. Here are some companies to try.

Dubai Municipality – 800 900
Only for residents of Dubai. Free service.

Bee’ah (Sharjah)https://beeah.ae/en
Only for residents of Sharjah. Free service

Nationwide pickup service. Paid service

Averda – 04 449 7500
Only for residents of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Paid service

Paid service to destroy your electronics if you are concerned about data privacy.

You sell, they live a better life. Melltoo offers an efficient way to donate to UAE registered charities through its classifieds marketplace

You sell, they win. You’re an Impacter.

We’ve created a new feature called “Impacter” in response to the feedback of sellers in the UAE. Sellers can now resell their items on our platform for a cause. When they #Resell4aCause, people in-need “win.”

We’ve partnered with charities, such as the UAE Red Crescent and Salma Aid, that are licensed to collect donations in the UAE. We will add new causes along the way in an effort to increase our and your impact on society

How it works?

Our goal has always been and still is helping people buy-sell easy on our no-meetup classifieds platform.

1, Sellers choose to add an “Impacter” badge to their listings in the feed.

(Seller uploads item for sale)

  1. Seller chooses registered charity to whom they donate their sale proceeds (In part or full)
  2. Organization receives money and seller receive “Impacter credit” in-app

NB: The donation amount is equal to the cash amount that the seller would usually receive (The amount the seller would usually receive will now go to charity of choice instead.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Listings on the app

  1. How do buyers know which items are for “impacter” (being sold for a cause) and which are “regular” Melltoo listings?

All listings for “impacter” have a footprint icon  on them. The beneficiary cause is also indicated in the item details screen.

  1. Can I choose which listings I want to #Resell4aCause?

Yes! Before you submit a new listing for sale on the app, you will get the chance to select whether sale proceeds go entirely to you or if you want to donate sale proceeds to a cause of your choice.

  1. Can I change Impacter status after someone buys my item? In other words can I change my mind about donating sale proceeds after the sale has taken place?

No, you may not. All impacter listings become definitive when a buyer places an order for that particular listing. This means you will not be able to change the impacter status.


  1. What are the different payment methods on Melltoo (and Melltoo Impacter)?

You can pay for items you see on the Melltoo app with your Melltoo wallet. You will either pay with cash on delivery once the item is shipped to your address or a debit/credit card. You can use free credit from Melltoo as well for up a 50% discount on any item (300AED max per transaction).

  1. How do I donate money?

You can’t donate cash directly. If you wish to do so, please contact the charities directly. What Impacter does is transform your stuff into cash for a cause. After successfully selling your item, your newly available cash sale money will be transferred to the charity account you preselected.

  1. Can an “impacter” transaction get cancelled by admin?

Unfortunately, yes. “Impacter” transactions are regular transactions on Melltoo. They’re subject to monitoring by our SAFE team and they may be cancelled if the either the buyer or the seller end the transaction before completion.

Melltoo Wallet

  1. Where can I see how much I’ve sold for a cause?

You can check all your sales, both normal and Impacter sales, through your user profile.


  1. Do return fees apply to sales of “impacter” sales?

All return rules apply to impacter transactions. In the event of a return, depending on the reasons, either buyers or sellers will incur a return fee if applicable.

  1. How do I track my return shipment?

Depending on the company that is delivering your item (you’ll receive order details confirmation once the shipment is booked).

Special features

  1. What is Impacter credit?

Every time you successfully sell a new item that is marked for “impacter”, you receive impacter credit. In the near future, Impacter credit can be redeemed for freebies provided by our partners.

  1. Will I be recognized for donating money through Impacter?

Every 4 months, we will publish a report on all donations made through the Melltoo app and the recipient charities. Melltoo usernames will be published along with the corresponding amounts contributed.

  1. Can I make anonymous donations?

If users choose to remain anonymous, we will not share their personal details, we will share however their Melltoo username, as it appears on the app, in our quarterly reports (publicly available).

  1. Is my item safe during shipment?

Melltoo’s Pay&Ship guarantees that once goods are shipped through us, they will get to the customer and the seller will be paid. As long as items are properly packaged, any damaged incurred during shipping will be covered by the couriers.

Registered partner charities

All of Melltoo Impacter partners are registered charities in the UAE. Melltoo has a government-issued license through each partner to collect funds on their behalf in the UAE.

Please click here for an updated list of our partner registered charities.

Emirates Red Crescent

Emirates Red Crescent is the local UAE branch of The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC). They fund medical and disaster relief missions in the UAE and around the world.

Salma Aid

Salma Aid is a local UAE charity founded by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai. Salma funds food relief efforts for refugees and misplaced populations in distress areas.

Friends of Cancer Patients

Friends of Cancer Patients in a local UAE-based charity founded by Her Highness Sheikha Jawaher Bint Mohammed Al Qasimi, Wife to the Ruler of Sharjah-UAE and International Ambassador of the World Cancer Declaration for Union for International Cancer Control (UICC). FoCP is committed to helping cancer patients and their families get through the long and arduous journey of cancer treatment through both moral and financial support of patients and their families irrespective of nationality, gender, age, religion or ethnicity.