My order was cancelled. Why?

There are many reasons for cancelled transactions. As enablers of peer-to-peer commerce in the UAE, we wish every transaction be complete, but there are exceptions.

Cancellations of shipment

Melltoo and partner courier companies will only attempt to pick up an item for sale three times. If the item is not ready for shipping within three trials, the collection becomes void and the transaction may be unilaterally cancelled by the Melltoo team.

Please read: I just sold something, when will the courier come?

Cancellations of delivery

Melltoo and partner courier companies will only attempt to deliver an item three times to the buyer’s provided address. We will take any timing and scheduling issues into consideration as well as location changes, but we request to be informed before the¬†second failed delivery attempt. All non-delivered items will be cancelled 5 business days after date of pick-up from seller.

Please read: When will my order come?

Cancellation fees

Cancellation fees cover the administrative costs associated with order booking and subsequent cancellations. Orders cancelled after they have been booked and confirmed will be charged a fee of 20AED.

Orders cancelled within 24 hours of purchase hour are free of charge.

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