This is not the item I ordered. What do I do?

Sometimes, things go wrong..

Such is the way of life and we work really hard at Melltoo to ensure these things *don’t* happen – but what if they do?

The short answer: 

The buyer can always return the wrong order. They will either get the order they had originally purchased or they will get 100% of their money back.

Here are more details:

When sellers and buyers use Melltoo’s Pay&Ship Secure, they are protected by Melltoo’s “Buyer and Seller Guarantee,” but what does that exactly mean?

For the seller it means that…

  • Melltoo will ensure the timely delivery of all packages sent through the Pay&Ship Secure service to the buyer.
  • Sellers are guaranteed to receive the funds from all successful transactions in their Melltoo Wallet.
  • Melltoo guarantees the timely and secure return of any and all items that are declined by a buyer.

For the buyer it means that…

  • Melltoo will ensure that all deliveries sent by the seller through the Pay&Ship Secure service will arrive to the buyer in a timely manner.
  • Buyers may request a full and unconditional refund if they want to return an item they have bought through the new “Pay&Ship SECURE” service.
  • Melltoo will collect any and all unwanted purchases from the buyer and return them to the seller at no charge to either.

Important Note: Buyers have up to three days to request a return and a refund after they have received a purchase.


Return Policy:

  • We guarantee that a buyer will receive the item he purchased or his payment will be refunded
  • We guarantee that a seller will get payment for the item he sold or he will get his item back in the same condition it was shipped.
  • Valid reasons for returns include:
    • Item received is not the item that was purchased
    • Item is not as described in the sale listing
    • Item has significant flaws that greatly affect usability and that were NOT mentioned in the ad
  • Invalid reasons for returns include:
    • Buyer changed his mind
    • Buyer doesn’t “like” the “color” or some other subjective characteristic of the item that doesn’t impact usability and function
    • Item doesn’t fit even though the size indicated is accurate


In the event that the reason for return is invalid, a buyer may still return the item WITH SELLER’S APPROVAL. The buyer will be responsible for the shipping costs (2-ways) of the original transaction and the return transaction. In most cases, the shipping cost in 40 AED, but in cases where the item is large, shipping costs will vary.

  • In the event of a dispute between buyer and seller, Melltoo will arbitrate between the two parties based on the listing, in-app communications (chats and comments) and photographic evidence provided by users.


If you are a buyer and you are unsatisfied with a purchase you have made through the Pay&Ship Secure service, please follow these steps to return your item to the seller:

1) Decline the item on the app

If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, open the Melltoo app, press and the activity tab and tap on the decline button under the delivery notification.

2) Re-package the item

If the box or container that your purchase came in is still intact, put the item back in it and secure it tightly with tape, so Melltoo’s shipping partners can come and collect it.

3) Schedule a pick up time  

Once you have declined your purchase, you will receive a call from Melltoo’s shipping partners, who will arrange a time to pick up your package.  

Important Note: Offline transactions between Melltoo sellers and shoppers are not protected under Pay&Ship Secure. Consequently, Melltoo is not liable or responsible for refunding the buyers or the sellers.

In the event of a refund – all monies will be credited to the buyers account as soon as the error has been investigated by Melltoo, and in as timely an event as possible.

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I Just Received My Item But it’s Not What I Ordered, What Do I Do?
So, the item that you purchased wasn't exactly what you expected or wanted, now what? Read this simple guide and learn how you can conveniently return your item to a seller with Melltoo.

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