How can I contact a seller?

We like questions on Melltoo! You can contact a seller within our app to ask questions about the item or to negotiate (fairly) on price.

1) Chat: the private Melltoo chat can be used for:

  • Clarification: if you want to learn more about the item being sold, you can communicate with the seller via private chat and ask for more pictures and details. 
  • Sale status: if you’re not sure whether the item has been sold or not, you can ask the seller via private chat if it is still available.
  • Bargaining: if you want to buy something, but you think that the price is too high, you can use the private chat to talk to the seller and ask for a discount.

2) Chat: Third-party messaging apps

Some users find it more convenient to use calls or other free messaging applications such as Facebook messenger or Whatsapp.

Melltoo does not restrict communication between users, however, we request that both buyers and sellers save their conversation on any third-party messaging tools in case later disagreement arises.

Melltoo resolution team will request details of any conversation between buyers and sellers in a case of a return or a return dispute.

chat with seller

2) Comment: the comment section of a Melltoo listing can be used for:   

  • Posting general questions: if you have a general question that you think would benefit other buyers and the seller, post it in the comment section for everyone to see.
  • Reviewing an item: if you’ve bought something from a seller and you want to share your buying experience, share it with other buyers by posting it in the comment section.
  • Make a public offer: if you’re browsing through the Melltoo feed and you see something you really like, you can make an offer on it to the seller by posting it in the comment section.communicate via comment

Important Note: For security purposes, Melltoo HIGHLY DISCOURAGES users from sharing private contact information with strangers via Melltoo listings, chat or comments.


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How Can I Contact a Seller?
Have you found the bargain of your dreams, but still have some questions? No problem! Here are 2 ways that you can contact any Melltoo seller, so you can get your hands on that amazing bargain ASAP.

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