Melltoo Policies

Community and Privacy Policies

These policies explain the community and privacy practices for Melltoo

Current version published: March 10th, 2017

User Information

Melltoo will not sell or disclose your name, email address or other personal information to third parties without your explicit consent, except as specified in this policy.

As a Melltoo member, you are required to provide a valid email address at registration and choose a username that represents your identity on Melltoo.

Depending on which services you choose to use, Melltoo may require additional information, such as billing information (including billing address, phone number, credit card information), a mobile telephone number, a physical mailing address, and/or payment information. As a seller, Melltoo may require information such as your social security number or tax ID, date of birth, bank account information and/or credit card information in order to verify your identity and provide this service to you.

Your Melltoo username is publicly displayed and connected to your Melltoo activity. Other people may see your profile information, likes, item location, items listed for sale, sold item listings, and reviews in community spaces.

Melltoo automatically receives and records some information from your browser when you visit the site, such as your IP address, cookies and data about which pages you visit on the site through the use of log files provided by our third-party tracking-utility partners. This information helps us analyze and understand how the site works for members and visitors.

Some members or visitors may connect to or register a Melltoo account using an external third-party application, such as Facebook. Melltoo may receive some data from those connected third-party applications. Connecting your Melltoo account to third-party applications or services is optional, and when you connect your account to an external app, you will be given the opportunity to grant permission. You can revoke your permission under your Melltoo account settings.

Melltoo uses the information described in this policy to provide and improve our services and products, for billing, for identification and authentication purposes, to contact members or interested parties, and for general research and aggregate reporting.

Melltoo’s Terms of Use require all account owners to be at least 18 years of age (or have the permission and supervision of a responsible parent or legal guardian), therefore, this policy does not discuss use of our site or services by minors.

Messages from Melltoo

On occasion, Melltoo will send you messages. The default, required form of communication is email. If you sign up for SMS notifications, Melltoo may also contact you by text message when applicable.

Some messages from Melltoo are service-related and required for members. Examples of service-related messages include, but are not limited to: a welcome/confirmation email when you register your account, notification of offers or sales, or correspondence with Melltoo’s support team. These messages are not promotional in nature. You may not opt-out of receiving service-related messages from Melltoo, unless you close your account.

As a member, Melltoo may also send you messages related to certain features on the site or your activity. Melltoo may also send you news or updates about changes to our site or services.

Melltoo Referral’s Program

1. Terms and Conditions

The Melltoo Referral Program offered by Melltoo Marketplace (“Melltoo”) aims reward loyal customers (“Referrer” or “Participant”) who recommend friends, colleagues and family members (“Participant” or “Referree”) join Melltoo’s vibrant marketplace. The Referees are welcome to invite their friends, colleagues and family members; so on and so forth. We would like as many of you join us evolutionize mobile shopping in the UAE, the region and the world.

The following Melltoo Referral Program Terms and Conditions (“Program Terms and Conditions”) contains important information about the Program and the way that relationships between Referrers, Referees and Melltoo will be regulated. These terms represent a binding agreement between the aforementioned parties and will govern each party’s’ participation in any and all Program offers. By creating an account on Melltoo Marketplace phone application, you have therefore agreed to our terms and conditions.

By participating in the Program, you agree to respect the program rules, as outlined below, and Melltoo’s General Policies, as outlined on this page. If Participants do not agree to these Program Terms and Conditions in their entirety, they will not be authorized to participate in the Program. Failure to respect the Program’s Terms and Conditions and Melltoo’s General Policies could lead to punitive measures or the permanent suspension of Participants’ Melltoo accounts last and removing their earned credits first.

Melltoo reserves the right to modify these Program Terms and Conditions at any time, at its sole discretion, and without notice to Participants. Participation in the Program is considered an acceptance of Program Terms and Conditions and any modifications which might be made. Melltoo also reserves the right to change, cancel, suspend, or modify any aspect of the Program without notice. Furthermore, Melltoo also reserves the right to disqualify any Participants or prospective Participants at any time from participation in the Program. For further information please email

Definition of Eligible Participants

  • By participating in the Program, Referrers affirm that the Referees they have provided are eligible and that they agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions of the Program in its entirety,
  • Eligible Participants (Referrers and Referrers) will be defined as:  
    • A UAE Resident,
    • Over the age of 18,
    • A Real individual (i.e. not a dummy identity created for the purpose of accumulating referral credit or engaging in lewd, inappropriate or criminal behavior),   
  • Referrers may refer as many eligible Participants as they like and receive 20AED of Melltoo credit in their Melltoo Wallet for each valid referral,
  • Referrers can’t refer Participants who already have a Melltoo account,

Definition of Valid, Invalid, Successful & Incomplete Referrals

A referral is valid when an existing Melltoo account holder invites individuals with no previous Melltoo account to download the app using their unique referral link. Referrals are not valid where the Referrer and the Referee are the same person.

  • A referral is successful and complete when:
    • A Referrer uses their unique referral link (Referrers can obtain their unique referrals links by visiting this website) to invite a new Participant to download the Melltoo app,
    • The Referee signs up for a new account via the referral link and subsequently downloads the Melltoo app and logs in,
    • Both the Referrer and the Referree immediately receive 20AED Melltoo credit in their Melltoo Wallets, after following all the correct rules and procedures,  
  • A referral is invalid or incomplete when:
    • A Referrer creates dummy identities, email accounts and phone numbers to invite themselves to download the Melltoo app in an effort to accumulate credit,
    • A Referrer coerces prospective Participants to obtain their identity, email accounts and phone numbers to create dummy accounts, with or without their consent, to accumulate Melltoo credit,
    • A Referree uses a different download link (i.e. not the Referrer’s unique referral link) to download the Melltoo app,
    • A Referree fails to download and log into the Melltoo app,
    • Neither the Referrer nor the Referree immediately receive 20AED Melltoo credit in their Melltoo Wallets, despite having followed all the correct rules and procedures.

Usage of Melltoo Referral (and Free) Credit

  • After each successful referral, both Referrers and Referees will be credited with 20AED of credit in their Melltoo Wallets, which they can spend immediately,
  • Melltoo credit accumulated from referrals can only be used to purchase items in-app.
  • Referral or free credit can be used to pay for 50% of an item price, up to a maximum of 300 AED per transaction.
  • Melltoo credit accumulated from referrals can’t be withdrawn or transferred to other users.
  • Buying and selling between duplicate or related accounts using referral credit is not allowed and all such accounts will be blocked without notice.
  • Buying and selling between friends and family for the purpose of ‘ cashing out’ referral and free credit is considered fraudulent and against Melltoo policy – such transactions will be cancelled without notice and without limitations, irregardless of the status of the transaction.

Maximum Referral Credit Limits

You can earn up to 1,000 AED in free credit via referrals. This means you can invite only and up to 50 friends on the Melltoo app.

After 1,000 AED, your rewards will stop, but your guests on the app will continue to receive their 20 AED bonus after they download the app and log in with their credentials.


You may use your free credit as long as it is valid. Free credit may come to an expiration date after which you may no longer use the free credit on the Melltoo app. It will be removed from your Melltoo wallet.

If you are still eligible to refer new users to join Melltoo community, you will be able to earn new free credit just like before.

As of March 10, 2017, all free credit earned after September 2016 will expire on Tuesday April 10th, 2017.

Online Purchase

Payment options

There are three options available to pay on the Melltoo app.

  1. Exisiting Melltoo balance: Cash Available or Free/Referral credit
  2. Credit cards
  3. Cash on delivery


Cancellation fees

Cancellations cannot be processed after an order has been picked-up from the seller and on its way in delivery to the buyer.

There are no cancellation fees if an order is cancelled within 24 hours of the time of purchase.

Cancellation fees of 20 dhs will be incurred by the user who requests a cancellation after the order has been booked for delivery. This is an administrative fee that covers the costs of processing each transaction.

Lost packages

Melltoo Marketplace’s shipping partners are extremely accurate. They are the best performers in logistics in the UAE. That being said, errors are human. They may happen. A buyer may not receive their ordered item and their item might be mishandled or misplaced. This is still a very rare occurrence.

We are committed to protect our users (buyers and sellers) when such mistake happens. We are committed to either retrieving the correct package or refunding the counterparts for the real* value of the lost item.

You can only reclaim a lost package within one week after you are notified that the package has been delivered. Regardless of our response timing, we will take into account the first time you sent us an inquiry with the specific order ID of the lost item.

*real refers to the market value of the lost item (either new or used). This will be settled between inquisitor and Melltoo moderation team.

Pick-up (when user sells a item)

For any courier pickup (new orders), we will make 3 attempts to pick up the item. After the 3rd attempt, we reserve the right to cancel the order and refund the buyer.


Buyers have exactly 2 days to select “return” via the melltoo application notification after delivery. After 2 days, the delivery status will change to “complete” from “delivered” and funds will be released to the seller.

We will only handle returns within three days after delivery date or three days after notification from the buyer within the span of 5 working days since delivery date

For any courier pickup (when a return has been requested), we will make 2 attempts to pick up the item from the buyer. After the 2nd attempt (failure of), we reserve the right to cancel the return and release payment to the seller.

Returns are cancelled after 2 attempts to pick-up the item from the buyer.

Return fees

Returns fees are twice the original delivery charges (40, 60, 80dhs, etc.).

When selling deceitful fake, defective items, we will deduct the return fees from the seller’s balance or possibly ban them from the app for deceitful acts.

Introducing return disputes

Buyers may request a conditional return upon these three only conditions:

  1. Item received is not the item portrayed in the photo before purchase (different color, shape, etc.)
  2. Sellers did not disclose all or the right information about the item sold (period of use, size, dentures, etc.)
  3. Buyers are only allowed 1 return request if they are not selling items according on the melltoo app

We are committed to return your purchases free of charge if you receive an order that doesn’t match the description of the seller (option 2).


We request the seller’s approval before returning an item.

Sellers can now dispute the return of their items from buyers. The steps are as follow:

  1. seller requests to dispute return
  2. customer care team will contact buyer via email asking for reason for dispute
  3. buyer has 3 days to reply after email is received
  4. customer care team will contact seller via email to verify claims, seller has 3 days to reply
  5. if necessary, more info will be requested
  6. a decision will be made and funds released within 3 days after all information is collected from both parties
NOTE: If either buyer or seller fails to respect the deadlines, the dispute case will be closed in favor of the other party.
All return claims have to be made within three days or order delivery and BEFORE buyer formally “accepts” the item on the application.

Account Cancellation and Blocks

This section is about account cancellation whereby cancellation is a unilateral decision from Melltoo (company and employees) to suspend a user’s account indefinitely.

As enablers of peer2peer trade, Melltoo is responsible for creating and maintaining a community of trust among buyers, sellers and the company and its employees.

Melltoo may cancel a user’s account for any of the reasons cited below:

  • Violations of the terms of use and policies as stated in this document
  • Three (consecutive or nonconsecutive) 1 to 2-star ratings by other users
  • More than three order cancellations from the same buyer account without sufficient justification
  • More than three returns from the same buyer account without sufficient justification
  • More than three returns to the same seller account by dissatisfied buyers who provide justifications that indicate seller’s fault
  • More than three complaints received by Melltoo about the same user account by other users
  • Abuse of the referral program by creating fake* accounts as referees or prohibited uses of referral and free credit as defined above
  • Reported harassment** of any other member of the Melltoo user community on the app or outside the app
  • Harassment of Melltoo employees

All of the preceding rules in place are set by the Melltoo company to protect the community from fraud and to ensure good relations among users.

All these rules apply to the mobile application Melltoo Marketplace as well as all other mobile trade applications owned by Irsane Inc.

*Fake is all user account whose identity cannot be verified by email correspondence and phone calls

**As defined by the Merriam Webster English dictionary, harassment is the act of making unwelcome intrusions upon another.

What items can be listed on Melltoo?


  • Used vehicles
  • Used vehicle parts
  • Auto accessories
  • Rooms for rent
  • Apartments for rent
  • Villas for rent
  • Vacation rooms for rent
  • Cameras and imaging
  • Computers
  • Games and consoles
  • Electronics accessories
  • Design fashion cloths and items (for her and for him)
  • Furniture
  • Home appliances
  • Books & DVD’s, board games
  • Mobile devices
  • Mobile accessories
  • Babies and children clothing
  • Baby items
  • Children toys and books
  • Handcrafts

What items CANNOT be listed on Melltoo?

Melltoo is a marketplace for things, hence the following listings are NOT allowed:

  • Services
  • Jobs and job-related posts
  • Personal ads
  • Community events

In addition, to ensure a family-friendly environment, the following items are also NOT allowed

  • living animals
  • fake, counterfeit, replica items
  • items prohibited by law in the respective location
  • items that have offensive content and images
  • items that are overtly religious or political in nature

We do not allow items outside one country to be sold internationally. Sellers can only list items they own and are present physically in their country of residence. Pre-ordering on the app is also forbidden.
The Melltoo team proactively screens all listings to keep our marketplace clean. We will remove items that are unsuitable at our discretion. Users who have their items removed will be informed via in-app chat or by email.

Post removal

A Post may be removed for containing:

  • Nudity or inappropriate content
  • Counterfeit items
  • Animals or livestock for sale
  • Images that are blurred and item cannot be clearly seen
  • Belief that the item is misrepresented
  • Reason to believe that the item is not really for sale.
  • Reason to believe that item is unavailable

A user may be removed at the discretion of the Melltoo team for activity that contravenes policy , is perceived at ‘ fraudulent’ or engaging in activity that is offensive or inappropriate to other users.


Commissions are paid by sellers.

  • 5 AED commission minimum
  • 12% commission on items (whose price is ) under 1,000 AED
  • 10 % commission on items from 1,000 to 2,000 AED
  • 8% commission on items above 2000 AED

Shipping fees

Shipping fees are the same across the UAE. They are paid by buyers.

  • 0-5 kg = 20 AED
  • 5-10 kg = 20 AED + 1 AED for each additional kg above 5kg
  • bulk items 0-10kg (e.g strollers, kids bicycles, small furniture) = 40 AED per piece.

Refund policy

When shopping through the app, sellers and buyers are protected by Melltoo’s new payment service “Pay&Ship SECURE.” This means that sellers will be guaranteed by Melltoo to receive their sales earnings if they sell their items via our new services. Buyers are also equally protected by Melltoo. Buyers may request full, unconditional refund if they would like to return an item they had bought through the new “Pay&Ship SECURE” services. Buyers have up to three days to request a return and a refund after successful refund. Offline transactions between Melltoo sellers and shoppers are not protected under Pay&Ship Secure. Thus, Melltoo will not be liable to refund neither buyers or sellers.

Community rules

Melltoo is both a marketplace and a community. Members are encouraged to connect and communicate in public and private spaces in the app. Please use your best judgment when posting in these spaces or sharing your personal information with others on Melltoo. Be aware that any personal information you share there can be read, collected, or used by others, or could be used to send you unsolicited messages. Melltoo will remove ad listings with email and phone numbers posted publically. However, you are welcome to share your personal information via private chat if you so choose.

Another Melltoo member may follow you to receive updates about your public site activity (like items you are selling and your posted reviews). After a member has added you, you have the option to block that member if you do not wish to share your updates with that specific person.

Melltoo offers a built-in instant messaging platform that allows buyers and sellers to communicate privately within the app. You have the option to block the user you are chatting with if you so choose. Once blocked, the user will no longer be able to send you chat messages. You may unblock / manage blocked users through app settings.

Meetup rules

Buyers and sellers are encouraged to arrange and attend in-person meetups to sell their items listed on the app. Users are solely responsible for interactions with each other outside of the Melltoo Pay & Ship SECURE system. Users must comply with Melltoo’s policies and acknowledge and agree to comply with the laws of the city, county and country in which the meeting occurs. Melltoo is not liable for any incidents arising from these meetups.

Melltoo does not supervise or control offline meetings or user-initiated online (outside the app) or offline gatherings, or the interactions among and between users and other people or companies. Users are solely responsible for interactions with others. Users understand that Melltoo does not screen its users above and beyond basic identification. All users agree to exercise caution and good judgment in all interactions with others, particularly if meeting offline or in person.

Resolution of disputes

In the event of a dispute arising between you and Melltoo, please contact the Melltoo user support team

Melltoo encourages users to report user-to-user disputes to Melltoo. In the event that we cannot arbitrate between users, we will refer you to local law enforcement or a certified mediation or arbitration entity, as applicable.

Melltoo, for the benefit of users, may try to help users resolve disputes. Melltoo, however, has no obligation to resolve disputes between users or between users and outside parties. To the extent that Melltoo attempts to resolve a dispute, Melltoo will do so in good faith based solely on Melltoo policies. Melltoo will not make judgments regarding legal issues or claims.

In the event of a dispute after the delivery of a purchased item, the buyer and seller can refer back to Melltoo for arbitration. The buyer-seller chat history will serve as an ethical contract between the two parties on the description and state of the product sold.


We aim to process every withdrawal request in a maximum of 7 business days.

Please note the following policies regarding withdrawals:

  1. One payment per beneficiary (not account) per week.
  2. Business (high volume) sellers (more than 50 transactions) may only withdraw a maximum of 5000 AED per month.
  3. Western Union transfers under 500 AED incur a 20 AED fee, over 500 AED is free of cost

Data collection

Melltoo uses the Personal Data users provide in a manner that is consistent with our privacy policies (detailed below). If you provide personal data for a certain reason (such as your location or income bracket or marital status).. For instance, if you contact us by email or other messaging means, we will use the personal data you provide to answer your question or resolve your problem, or if you confirm a transaction using our Melltoo Pay&Ship service, we will use the financial data you provide to complete the transaction. Melltoo Marketplace may also use your personal data and other personally non-identifiable information collected through our services (‘likes’ on the app, category of items posted) to help us customize our services, improve the content and functionality of our services, better understand our users, and prevent fraud. Melltoo may use this information to communicate with you regarding our existing services and features or to tell you about services we believe will be of interest to you. If we do so, any marketing communication we send you will contain instructions permitting you to “opt-out” of receiving future marketing communications. In addition, if at any time you wish not to receive any future marketing communications or you wish to have your name deleted from our mailing lists, please contact us to

Please also note that to the extent you include any personal data or other information (such as name, username and location..) in a listing or any other content that you upload to the Melltoo application, we have the right to publish that listing and other content (including without limitation any personal data or other information including in the listing) in connection with promotion, advertising or marketing thereof (including publishing that listing and other content on the Internet or on Third Party Services such as Facebook, sharing it with blogs, etc.). In addition, users have the ability as part of our application services to share listings with others.

If Melltoo intends on using any personal data in any manner that is not consistent with our privacy policies, you will be informed of such anticipated use prior to or at the time at which personal data is collected.

cookies & Tracking Technologies

Melltoo uses a variety of technologies to help us better understand how people use our app and services.

Melltoo uses cookies for a number of purposes, including to access your information when you sign in; keep track of preferences you specify; display the most appropriate content based on your interests and activity on Melltoo; estimate and report Melltoo’s total audience size and traffic; conduct research to improve our content and services.

Melltoo may partner with third-party services who may use various tracking technologies, such as browser cookies or Flash cookies, to provide certain services or features. These technologies allow a partner to recognize your computer each time you visit Melltoo, but do not allow access to personally identifiable information from Melltoo. Melltoo does not have access or control over these third-party technologies, and they are not covered by our privacy statement.

Our disclosure of your personal data and other information

Melltoo does not sell private user information such as Facebook or other social networks. We are in the business of helping you buy and sell second-hand items wherever you are. Your user information is, however, a vital part of our relationship with you. We may share some private user information under certain circumstances such as:

Business transfers

As we develop our business, we might sell or buy businesses or assets. In the event of a corporate sale, merger, reorganization, dissolution or similar event, the registered user information may be part of the transferred assets.

Agents, Service Providers, Consultants and Related Third Parties

Melltoo, like many companies, hires other companies to perform certain business-related functions such as maintaining databases, identity verification, fraud monitoring, processing credit card payments etc. When we employ another company to perform a function of this nature, we only provide them with the information that they need to perform their specific function (for example, providing our credit card payment provider with your credit card information).

Legal Requirements

Melltoo may disclose your user information if required by law or in the good faith belief that such action is necessary to (i) comply with a legal obligation, (ii) protect and defend the rights or property of Melltoo, (iii) act in urgent circumstances to protect the personal safety of users of the Melltoo application services or features or the public, or (iv) protect against legal liability.


Melltoo may disclose registered user information to enforce or apply our Melltoo code of conduct and our private policy, the Melltoo Terms and Conditions, or our other policies or agreements to which you are a party.

Your Choices

If you choose not to provide any personal data, you may not be able to use certain features of the Melltoo app (such as buying or selling through the app). In addition, you may request that we delete your account, and any information associated with your account, but please note that we may be required (by law or otherwise) to retain this information and not delete it (or to keep this information for a certain time, in which case we will comply with your deletion request only after we have fulfilled such requirements). When we delete your information, it will be deleted from the active database but may remain in our archives.



Keep your password safe. You are fully responsible for all activity, liability and damage resulting from your failure to maintain password confidentiality. You agree to immediately notify Melltoo of any unauthorized use of your password or any breach of security. You also agree that Melltoo cannot and will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from your failure to keep your password secure. You agree to not provide your username and password information in combination to any other party other than Melltoo without Melltoo’s express written permission.

Account Information

You must keep your account information (location, ID verification number) up-to-date and accurate at all times, including a valid email address.

Account Transfer

You may not transfer or sell your Melltoo account and User ID to another party or sell any services related to the use of the app (such as automated likes or follows).

Right to Refuse Service

Melltoo reserves the right, at Melltoo’s sole discretion, to cancel unconfirmed or inactive accounts. Melltoo reserves the right to refuse service to anyone, for any reason, at any time.

Contact Melltoo

If you have questions or suggestions you can contact Melltoo’s support team by sending an email to, or contacting us via admin chat on the app.